Was there a power outage in Rio today?
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Hive mind...Anyone know whether (or how I'd find out whether) there were issues with power outages in Rio today? Are power outages common there? I didn't see anything on news sites like Rio Times Online, but am in the US and reading only the English-language version of Rio websites, so am completely in the dark about whether I've got the full story.
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Blackouts are rare but there are power outages routinely in Rio. Some neighborhoods are hit more often than others. Since it's summer and power demand is high, I'd be shocked if there wasn't a power outage today.
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It’s not summer in Rio.
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Jesus I'm an idiot. My apologies.
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I just skimmed Brazilian newspapers from Rio (in Portuguese), and there is no indication that there was a generalized “apagão” today. Obviously, some neighborhoods suffer from power outages every day, and in areas with little infrastructure, it is a indeed a part of life, and certainly warrants no mention from the media. So that’s not to say that there were no outages today, but nothing so extensive that it was reported in the news.
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Chrome browser translates websites.
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Thanks, msali! That was so helpful, I wish I could do more than a "thank you." I'll aim to pay it forward!
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