Best mail-order food for US delivery?
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Looking for a Father's Day gift where I get something absurdly delicious delivered to him. Category of food can be anything, if it's crazy good. He's in Los Angeles (I'm out of state), so I'm also not entirely opposed to someone showing up on his doorstep with something amazing and local. Suggestions?
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Not local at all (they're based in Michigan) but Zingerman's is fantastic if your dad's a fancy bread/meats/cheeses kind of guy.
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I regularly order barbeque from Black's in Lockhart. Shipping is crazy expensive but it is very good. I love the sausage, and of course the brisket is terrific.
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Olympic Provisions sausages etc.
Frog Hollow fruit
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I received three months of Zingerman's last year and it was AMAZEBALLS.
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If he likes to cook pat lafrieda dry aged prime rib is some of the best prime rib I've ever had in my life. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Alternatively their burger blends are also amazing.
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If he likes caviar, you can buy sustainably produced Osetra caviar from Marshallberg Farm. It's expensive but it is the real deal, from Russian sturgeon raised right here in North Carolina. I have ordered from them and would recommend it.
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Thirding Zingerman's. I'm biased, I can walk over there any time I want and buy stuff, but the food is uniformly fantastic and there's tons of novelty foods to round out your bread/meat/cheese order. You cannot go wrong with any of their breads, the goat cheeses are lovely, and the coffee cakes are delish.
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PS: Zingerman's is a favorite of President Obama. Whenever he was in town he'd have some delivered to Air Force One before he left, or there was that one time he decided to visit in person.
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I live in NYC, where I can command the finest delis in the land, and I still order from Zingerman's from time to time.
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Salt and Straw Ice Cream. Looks like they deliver through Postmates in LA, in addition to doing mail order pint packs through their website.
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Local? There's Langer's (delivery or shipping).

Frog Hollow fruit
I have not ordered Frog Hollow by mail but can vouch that their fruit is life-changingly good, to the point that I still remember one particular pluot(?) I had years ago and have written about it on this site...
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I’ve sent delicious macarons and pastries from Bottega Louie in LA.

It also looks like you can send their cafe foods via Postmates. Oh man, their brunch was amazing. The thought of their lemon ricotta pancakes and smoked salmon arriving at the door, with a gigantic macaron and latte.. *_*
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Need more information. What kind of food does he like?
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Yes Zingerman's - their bread, the coffee cakes, pretty much anything will be a success. We've both gifted and received and everything has been loved.

I got my dad a Pint Club subscription to Jeni's for Christmas, and other than him saying "I think you think I'm more of a yuppie than I really am" (god bless my dad), everything has gone over REALLY WELL. (Like hey, swing by Whole Foods and grab us a pint on your way to visit well...) So anyway, they have a Father's Day Gift Guide and their Father's Day Collection looks pretty damn good.
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Super fresh fish maybe?

Fulton Fish Market
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I may be a tad late to the party but wanted to mention a local favorite of mine!

Bavaria Sausage Kitchen is pretty amazing for meats and cheeses. They also do some really nice gift boxes. Check it out!
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The Zingerman's "reuben kit" is crazy good. I didn't even think I liked reubens.

Towards the less crazy expensive (but still crazy good) end of the food delivery spectrum, we always keep a stock of Tucson Tamales in the house. (Bonus: their vegan and vegetarian options taste just as good as the real thing.)
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My Texas in-laws send us a box from Coopers Pit BBQ each year, and it's delicious!
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