Father's Day menu/favorites for 8?
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I'll be cooking dinner this weekend for about 8 people, including two little kids (one toddler), and my father, who is late 70s. Anyone have suggestions on a menu?

Well equipped kitchen (food procesor, stand mixer, sous vide) and competent cooking skills, so wide open other than has to transport well or be easy to finish because I'll do most of the prep where I live and then take it to Dad's to finish. Dessert is probably fresh strawberry pie, but I have no other inclinations. What are your spring/summer family favorites for a nice meal?

Doesn't have to be fancy, but something more than slapping burgers on the grill would be ideal since it's An Occasion. Sides, salads, entree ideas all welcome, and you can try to convince me to make a different dessert, too, or throw in an appetizer. I'd like to make 4-5 different dishes - can start Friday night or this can all be Saturday afternoon. I can go to the Portland State farmer's market for ingredients if needed. Bonus points for links to actual recipes, but descriptions/names of things also welcome.
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Is this a sit-down meal or a meandering buffet kinda deal?
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We had a dinner out this weekend that I don't have the patience to recreate but was wonderful and summery and would satisfy your needs: it was lamb (kofta-style) and chicken kababs, with a variety of fantastic salad type sides including asparagus, beet salad, carrot salad, yogurt, lentils, pickled vegetables and flatbread.

I feel like Ottolenghi recipes could help here.
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Sit down meal, not buffet. I’m not trying buffet style with a 76 year age spread!
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I have also been making a lot of Middle Eastern/Mediterranean type spreads lately (a good excuse to make this fantastic feta dip, which I've started adding a blop of mayo to and mixing with extra vigor to make it a little less crumbly). Kofta (I make with all beef sometimes, or beef and turkey), shawarma or souvlaki or similarly-marinated thighs and breasts on the grill or in a hot hot oven. Tomato-cucumber salad with a dressing made of the feta dip, tahini, and a little oil and vinegar. Roast potatoes or crash hot potatoes (or, for simplicity, just a good jasmine or basmati rice), roasted vegetables, braised green beans.

Serve with the feta dip, tzaziki, and toum, with pita or lavash.

The braised green beans and potatoes above are also really good with salmon, roasted with a honey-mustard or pesto glaze.
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I searched my notes and found this from 2016:
Father's Day Menu
shrimp cocktail: horseradish cocktail sauce, (plump and tender shrimp cocktail recipe)
green salad with a platter of grilled vegetables
salmon grilled
sushi rice into veggie rolls

I love making a platter of grilled or roasted vegetables served along a plain green salad. Technically, I should grill them but it is easier to slice and put on sheet plans and roast in the oven. Do it while you are in the kitchen, check and turn veggies every 10 minutes removing what is done. Keep like veggies with like on the platter - it looks good. Good options include - onion, mushroom, peppers, eggplant, zucchini, small whole tomatoes, fennel, sweet potatoes or squash, asparagus, or really almost anything. Roast until a touch softer than you think necessary with lots of olive oil, salt, and a splash of balsamic, maybe some fresh basil on top at the end. Add a homemade creamy Italian dressing and a bowl of goat or feta cheese on the side. This is stunning! Can be made way ahead, just bring the bowl of cheese and platter of veggies out to room temp on serving day.

Salmon could be subbed out for any other protein, chicken, steak, local sausages from that market. People can add this to their salad if they want.

Rolling veggie sushi rolls (maki) is pretty easy, make some sushi rice, slice some fillings (selection of carrot, avocado, pickled plum, asparagus), roll up, slice, serve with soy sauce and wasabi mayonaise. This can be served as an appetizer.

Brocolli - dad likes steamed brocolli.

I didn't record dessert. Probably something of dad's favorites.
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Oh, roast the veggies at 425, just keep an eye and move to platter as each veggie is done, turning others over as they brown.
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