Smiles of a Summer Movie
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I'm enjoying the long northern summer twilight and looking to find that feeling in film. What are your movie recommendations where characters escape for a summer weekend?

This summer I'm somewhere north where the dusk lasts late into the evening. I recently rewatched "Smiles of A Summer Night" and am looking for other summer-weekend types of movies. Ones that come to mind are the Claire Danes/Glenn Close "Evening" (and also "A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy" although I can't really enjoy Woody Allen movies anymore.)

• Atmosphere is what we're after here. Plot doesn't matter so much.
• Any era is fine.
• Any language.
• Looking for summer houses, cottages, villas...
• Comedy or drama fine (but maybe not heavy, heavy drama)

What are your summery favorites?
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The Kings of Summer is right up this particular alley.
posted by craven_morhead at 12:41 PM on June 12, 2018 [1 favorite]

A little early, technically, but the mood and atmosphere are perfect: Enchanted April.
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Call Me By Your name (Italy)

Dirty Dancing (Catskills camp)
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How about Stealing Beauty? Or Betty Blue?
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Oh! And Local Hero is set during a Scottish summer (you can tell it's summer because they're not actually blue with cold).
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There are some scenes in Field of Dreams that beautifully capture the golden hour around sunset. I watched it with a friend from Iowa in the middle of this past winter, and it really made us nostalgic for that time.
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I fee like On Golden Pond is one of these, though it's years since I've watched it... logically, I don't think it can all take place at twilight, but it's certainly lit with a lot of that long, slanting summer light. And it's set at a summer lakeside cabin in the woods.
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Fly Away Home - 1996, Anna Paquin, Jeff Daniels. Summer in Canada. There are a couple of scenes that capture that time beautifully.
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A River Runs Through It. Under The Tuscan Sun.
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A Bigger Splash is very evocative. The drama gets a little heavy, though.
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My Neighbour Totoro!
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Thanks everyone, I can't wait to watch (or rewatch) all of these.
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