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I love watching people react to awesome stuff. Help me find more videos and video series to push this button.

A friend recently shared this video of Pharrell Williams reacting to Maggie Rogers's Alaska, and I love it. I also really enjoy watching kids react to food on HiHo Kids and Buzzfeed's series of people trying foreign foods...

Where else can I see videos of all sorts of people reacting in a reasonably unfiltered way to (mostly awesome) new stuff. It's fine if there are a variety of experiences (e.g., liking some foods and not others), but I'm not looking for reactions to recreational torture (e.g., eating ridiculously hot foods, painful insect stings, etc).

I'd love links to individual videos, collections of videos, etc.
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There's an Irish Buzzfeed clone that does a lot of this; it started out calling itself Facts, and then closed and re-launched as Try. Mostly it's reacting to food, and it's about a 50/50 split between like and hate.


Irish people try bourbon
Irish people react to "This Is America"
Irish people watch "asdf movie" (that's a universal "like" from all invoived)
Irish people taste-test Weird Pringles flavors
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An awesome one from last summer: the video of people reacting to the high note in Kesha's "Praying."
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Here's one from the Blue

Fiona Apple watching a flash mob do Hot Knife
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I can't double-check that these are the ones I watched, but I'm pretty sure they are: Do Teens Know 90s Music? and the rest from that channel. Pretty funny.

Also Google "baby tries lemon" and watch the clips roll in.
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I came to rec Try Channel, I love them. Almost all my recs are food try/reaction videos:

One of my favorite food youtubers is Emmymadeinjapan. Not every video fits your brief, but she has ongoing series where she tries military rations from around the world (including old ones sometimes). She also cooks old recipes, including a new series focused on hardship/scarcity recipes like mock apple pie and grapefruit peel steak. She's got lots of other try videos, too.

The Tabi Eats guys do a lot of try videos. They are Japanese (and a couple), but one of them grew up in Hawaii so they sometimes have differing palates and perspectives.

For whatever reason, Freakin' Reviews also scratches this itch for me. He reviews As Seen On TV products, usually a first-look and then an intensive testing review.
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I cry over all videos about those glasses that enable color blind people to see color for the first time. The joy they're experiencing is overwhelming. 10/10 would watch over and over.
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I love Elders React to David Bowie, but it's possible your room will suddenly get rather dusty while you watch it.
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If you're a fan of the TV show, The Good Place, you will enjoy this reaction video by the cast to a major plot twist.

(spoiler to season 1)
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Kalen Reacts!!!! I love him so much.
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Also from the blue: a young guy listening to Jethro Tull's "Thick As a Brick" for the first time. Further links to him listening to prog/jazz/metal/etc. classics included.
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The reaction from this little girl after trying her first sip of Cocoa-Cola never fails to make me laugh!
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I can't link ( because I don't know how), but the videos of the couple trying "Helium Wine", and the two guys trying "Helium Beer" made me laugh so hard. Got to YT and type in those keywords and those should come up.
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And how could we possibly forget double rainbow dude?
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Glamour has a pretty adorable series called You Sang My Song where they record pop stars reacting to YouTube covers of their songs, then capture the YouTubers watching those reactions.
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