Visas For Distinguished Pakistani Musicians to Tour the US
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A really great Pakistani group that performs Sufi devotional music, led by this guy, wants to come play in the states, but they don't know how to navigate current visa channels. Any suggestions? Or even just leads to leads?

I first heard them play courtesy of an artsy organization in Karachi called The Second Floor (T2F), founded by Sabeen Mahmud , a pioneering activist recently killed by religious fundamentalists (she was memorialized in The Economist). They host the best Sufi and other devotional or traditional musicians, and live broadcast the concerts via Facebook Live. Very highly recommended!
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International touring acts generally have management that handle that kind of issue for them. Do they have a manager? If not, that's the first step - hire someone who does this kind of thing for a living. Amateurs playing around with visas, especially for travelers from Muslim countries, is no joke and could result in catastrophic results now more than ever. If they don't know how to get one, I would recommend reaching out to other world music acts - their management are the ones who answer their messages usually, and will probably tell you who is available to be hired.
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There is a specific category for this (P). The only legitimate sources of info are official US government websites. There are a lot of scams surrounding this visa category, so the group should do everything by the book. This isn’t official advice, but I hope it helps!
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