If You Love Movie Blogs Enough, You Can Make A Good One
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I'm in search of film-fan blogs to follow, as inspiration to rollout my own such blog. Any recommendations?

A more detailed description: I'm looking more for film blogs from the perspective of an "excited amateur film fan who just talks about what they liked or didn't like" rather than "a blog by a former film student who talks about the camera angles and film stock and lens flare". I also have a preference for clasics/previous releases rather than current things (so more "let's talk about how awesome The Sting or The African Queen was" and less about "holy shit the latest Marvel studios thing rocked").

Also, I know about the more "professional" things like Birth Movies Death and such; I'm definitely looking more for an amateur hobbyist blogger right now.

I've just done some spelunking, and so far Silver Screenings seems most like "this is what I have in mind". But I'm looking for more. thanks!
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B-Movie BFFs! might be up your alley
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Matinee Memories might be of interest to you. I know this guy IRL, and I have never met a more knowledgeable film fan.
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Quality story examination if a bit Gen X. Disclaimer that they’re my friends.
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To add- really good writers (2) generally who love film.
SF based , immersion critics. A great archive to glean from and high on the readability aspect. Basically kids who used to buy 1 ticket at the Century 10 and watch 6 movies in a day.
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A friend of mine recently started Metagnat's Media, which is just what you describe.
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Movie Crash Course by Mefi's own, uh, I know it's by a Mefite buy I'm blanking on the username.
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You might find David Cairns Shadowplay worth looking at. he started it roughly a decade ago as an amateur film blog, personable but with attention to detail and some bigger picture concerns, so to speak, and over the years became well regarded enough to get jobs writing for Criterion and other film sites without giving up his more individual perspective. I'd suggest checking out his pieces on Hitchcock, from those earlier days, where he watched all Hitch's films in order and blogged about them. You can see the development of his method and increasing confidence as the pieces proceed. He's fun to read and provides insight without pushing things to film school level detail.

The Self Styled Siren, Farran Smith Neame's site is another fine one in the same vein.
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Movie Crash Course by Mefi's own, uh, I know it's by a Mefite buy I'm blanking on the username.

That name would be...uh, "EmpressCallipygos." But right now that's just a part of an existing general-stuff blog, and I am hoping to break it out onto its own thing with its own dedicated platform instead of people knowing to look for a side room on a general nondescript blog. Hence - one of the reasons for this AskMe so I can see how others are doing that.
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(But I'm flattered at the vote of confidence!)
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Hi folks - I have indeed found some good other blogs to look at and I also realized I was overthinking things a bit anyway. But happily, I have new reading material and new ideas, so win!
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