Plant ID - 5-leafed vine, probably invasive
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Hi folks. Any idea what this vine is? It's fairly aggressive and I'm guessing it's non-native, but I can't find anything online. This is in Wisconsin in a backyard.
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Best answer: Virginia creeper.
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Best answer: Virginia Creeper is a wonderful native plant for WI, you should keep it and enjoy it!

It turns beutiful colors in the fall, it provides good food and habitat for wildlife, and if you’re so inclined you can make all kinds of stuff out of the vines, from wreaths to arbors.

Also, unlike many vines, it does not damage human structures it grows up, so it can be a used to cover walls and fences.
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3rding Virginia creeper.
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Response by poster: Love you folks. Not sure why it was so hard for me to ID this one.
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Oh wait Slinga, I forgot about false creeper. It's linked from the wikipedia page above, but to clarify:

[False Creeper] is very closely related to Virginia Creeper (P. quinquefolia), differing only in its means of climbing, the tendrils twining around plant stems, not having the sticky pads found on the tendrils of Virginia Creeper. One consequence of this is that (unlike Virginia Creeper) it cannot climb smooth walls, only through shrubs and trees. The leaf shape, and also the brilliant fall colors, are indistinguishable from Virginia Creeper.

So if you want to use it to cover walls, check for the sticky climbing pads first. Shouldn't matter which one it is for other reasons. If it isn't currently climbing on anything, then the pads would be absent from both. In my experience, the True VA Creeper is more commonly seen in urban/suburban areas, I assume because people prefer it.

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I have that, nice to know what it is.
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Response by poster: This turned out to be false creeper--it's got the tendrils.
Thanks everyone!
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