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Is there an up-to-date cord-cutter's guide to streaming the World Cup matches somewhere?

All regions, all places.
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Cord cutter’s guide to World Cup 2018

How to watch the FIFA 2018 World Cup without cable

Here are the networks carrying the World Cup games in the United States:
English-language: The FOX family of networks will carry every World Cup match in the United States with games airing on FOX (38 matches) and FS1 (26 matches).

Spanish-language: Telemundo Deportes will carry Spanish-language coverage in the USA of all the World Cup matches on Telemundo (56 matches) and NBC Universo (8 matches).
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The best plan I can come up with is

1. VPN to the UK, or Australia, or wherever you speak the language and they have decent public television

2. To not be an asshole, figure out how much it would have cost to watch it on cable, then donate the difference to the re-elect Trump campaign. No, wait! That doesn't sound quite right.

2a. ...then donate that amount to a local youth soccer team, or to one of the US soccer foundation's programs, or to an organization from the place you're VPNing to.

I'll be in Germany this time, so for once, "I wouldn't even mind paying but nobody will let me" is an ethical conundrum I don't need to face
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In the United States, you can watch via Also, YouTubeTV will be carrying the networks that will be airing the games (FS1 and FOX).
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Hulu Live will have all the games, 50 hours of cloud storage, and I believe there is a special on right now as well. That's what I did to avoid the cable company.

I also looked into Fubo, but decided that I'd rather have the additional non-sports channels with Hulu.

Spectrum is having a deal right now where you can pick 20 channels, which include FS1 and FS2, so all the games should be there as well.
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Awww man.
I thought I was going to be able to watch me some futbol for free, but NOOOOOOOOOO.
I didn't read the fine print on the above articles. We're true cord cutters, and don't have cable, an OTA antenna or anything else, except a VPN through Opera. I'm a cheap bastard when it comes to this, so someone root for Germany for me!
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So...these are shady as all get out so have your noscript and ad block up, but if you aren’t concerned about seeing stuff live, somewhere between fullmatchesandshows and yoursoccerdose should have you covered.
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Build your own digital TV antenna, a guide from Popular Mechanics, which requires 32-inch- and 6-inch-long 1 x 4 pine boards; eight 17-inch lengths and two 34-inch lengths of bare 12-gauge copper wire (for the ears and phasing bars); heat-shrink tubing; and 10 No. 8 ½-inch round-head wood screws and fender washers. Buy an impedance-matching transformer (IMT) to maximize signal transmission from channels at different frequencies.

Here's a cardboard and aluminum foil design, also requiring a 75 to 300 Ohm UHF/VHF Matching Transformer, but in this example, there's an Amazon link so you know you're buying the right thing (re-linking from the linked article, for the MetaFilter Amazon affil code), and you're looking at about $10-12.

We have a decent store-bought antenna and thanks to OTA Telemundo, we watched some games. Otherwise, I was about to try out Hulu's Live Streaming for a week, but then it's $39.99 per month. also offers a free week trial, and then the first month is $34.99, but it may then jump to $44.99 per month (Daily Dot has more pricing details because doesn't make it easy to find this information).
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Also shady, but fairly good quality (and they have non english streams) - is to pay a visit to the soccerstreams subreddit about 20mn before a game. I don't vpn those but I segregate them to a specific browser just in case.
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