8th Avenue take-out
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Good restaurant for carry-out sandwiches within three blocks of W36th and 8th Ave in New York City.

I'm bringing the food for an informal 'conference table business lunch' this Friday. Having the meeting catered would be a bit much. I plan to get into town early, so my requirements are: interesting, tasty sandwiches or the like, picked up reasonably close to the above intersection.

There's a Pax in the first floor of the building I'm going to, but I'd guess the folks I'm seeing are quite sick of it.
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Funny you should mention. These are some of the best sandwiches in the city: Sandwich Planet. 9th and 39th.
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SUNRISE DELICATESSEN----a deli from an era forgotten. Old school all the way, generous portions are the rule.
40th and 7th avenue. 2 doors north of the ranch one chicken place.
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Ah... this is my neck of the woods. Sandwich Planet is great. A bit more upscale is Mitchell London (9th between 35th and 36th). For stick-to-your-ribs try Manganero's Heroboy (9th between 37th and 38th). Pomodoro's is also good for sandwiches (9th between 38th and 39th).

Word of warning... all of these places are very busy between 12 and 2. So it may be worth it to call in your order ahead of time.
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I'll second the recommendation for Sandwich Planet. Excellent sandwiches prepared with quality ingredients and with care.

If you're in a hurry, you could drop by the Pret a Manger on 39th and 7th Ave.
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On second thought, the problem with Sandwich Planet is that it's not ideal for getting a selection for the office. It's more like a place to go to get your own special combo (the roast beef with bacon and horseradish sauce on sourdough is to die for). Pret would probably be better to get a bunch of different sammiches for an office do.
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I second Manganero's! Truly great, traditional Italian-style subs on semolina bread.
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I second or third Pret a Manger. Delicious!
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I believe the nice people at Sandwich Planet will accommodate you if you call ahead and talk with them. The sandwiches there are really much better than what you'll get at Mitchel London (on most days). And Manganaro's is a good suggestion too, but the service can be a little surly. Again, call ahead.
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