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What is the name of, or quick (1 or 2 word?) way to describe, the kind of handwritten lettering, often on signs made by kids etc., where the letters are drawn as outlines, that is, the center of the letter is empty space and the outline forms the letter?
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Block Letters?
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Bubble letters?
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Open block lettering?
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yeah, assuming I'm correctly picturing what you're describing, I know it as bubble lettering.
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I always called that "bubble letters".
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Block letters just means print (as opposed to cursive), but looks like some people are calling it block lettering if it's squared off and bubble lettering if it's rounded.
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I called it bubble writing
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Bubble letters has always been my phrase for this.
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"Bubble letters" definitely implies puffy, rounded shapes to me. The name I'd use if I wanted to be agnostic about the shape is outline font or outline letters.
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We always called them bubble letters.
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Bubble letters is what I called them growing up, and bubble letters is what my Girl Scouts call them now, too, so it's not generational.
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Bubble letters is a fine description for what you mentioned. That term often gets thought of as the thing you see on primary school bulletin boards. It's not an incorrect term but it's maybe more specific than what you're looking for.

If you want any hand-written typeface with space inside of letters then term you looking for is script open, or open script.

More here.
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