Better than basic (cheaper than deluxe?) towels, bed linens - UK edition
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The time has come to replace basically all the linens in my household: towels, bed sheets, bathrobes. What do you recommend that can be bought online in the UK?

We are looking to upgrade from hand-me-downs or cheap items from Primark, TK Maxx, John Lewis basics, and the like. We're willing to pay for quality - but after lengthy online searching, can't actually figure out what brands genuinely do have higher quality to match higher price points. Happy to receive suggestions from "one step above basic" (£) to truly deluxe (£££).

We need:
* Towels (all sizes)
* Thick bathrobes
* Bed sheets for double bed, ideally fitted sheets

Items need to be:
* Available to buy online
* Available to ship within or to the UK
* Soft - for towels
* Available in colours other than white - for bed sheets

Thank you!
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Best answer: If you can get Christie towels in a sale somewhere (John Lewis and Debenhams carry them) they are super - soft, thick, long-lasting.
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Best answer: I’ve got John Lewis Egyptian Cotton towels and I’m very happy with them. And available in 40 different colours!
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Best answer: Sleep and Soak!!!!

In the past eight years, I have only gotten my towels, bathrobes, sheets, duvet covers, mattress toppers, pillows, duvets from Sleep and Soak.

Their prices used to be incredible for their quality (2 down pillows for £88!). However, their prices has since increased, but are still cheaper than John Lewis.

The only thing they don't seem to have is floor towels, of which I go to John Lewis.

I would say their quality is premium hotel quality, the kind you find in a good Hilton.
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Best answer: I bought these Turkish Cotton Towels on Amazon based on a recommendation from AskMetafilter. I bought 6 bath towels and 6 hand towels and they are still going strong after 4 years and still white as I use Vanish with them regularly. I like these better than the John Lewis ones we got on our registry because they are more absorbant and dry faster. But they are not as soft as them. They are soft when I put them in the dryer. They are not at all soft if I dry them outside or on an airer. But towel softness is so subjective, I would just order a couple to test and they are cheap enough to make that a worthwhile experiment.

I use two types of sheets. John Lewis brand for colors (pillowcases, fitted and flat sheets) (I don't know if it's the cheapest line, but I think we use these ones) and M&S for white fitted sheets I use under the John Lewis ones to protect the mattress. We've used the John Lewis ones since our wedding, so 8 years, and still going strong. Only the black has faded somewhat (unsurprising) but the pink and yellow are still looking really good.

If money were no object, I would buy Frette, which I think you can get at Harrod's. I slept in their sheets in a hotel once and I've been completely spoilt forever. Sigh.
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Best answer: IKEA does really good value, in some cases better than premium brands. I prefer to go there, because color and quality is hard to judge online, and they have several different options.
Muji also has great stuff, I'm sleeping in beautiful Muji bed linen these days. They only have the same good quality and few options, so you can buy that online.
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Best answer: A big consideration for sheets is material. I sleep really hot, so I prefer wrinkly, dry texture sheets over smoother, warmer ones, even in the winter. I'll take percale or linen any day. Brands usually have different lines to accommodate for this, but they aren't always equally good, even if both are above average. If you're spending for deluxe sheets at deluxe prices, you don't want to settle for good enough.
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Best answer: I don't know about their towels, but I just upgraded my bed linens to sets from King of Cotton and haven't slept this well in years. Well worth the money AFAIC.
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Best answer: I was just looking for some decent-ish fitted sheets, and the ones I settled for are from the "Best" range from Wilko.

They combine decent quality material with full elastication, as in elastic all the way around the edge rather than just at the corners, which really helps keep them straight with two fidgety adults in the bed. They are machine washable too, unlike some ultra-high thread count sheets.
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Best answer: The White Company...
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Best answer: Joining the party to add an ethical option, if you don't mind spending a little more to put your money in good places :)

I have bought towels from greenfibres recently, and they're lovely!
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Best answer: I also got a very high thread count sheet from King of Cotton which was super thick like old fashioned linen and I loved it. Best sheet ever. Fair warning, it did shrink a little over time - which was only an issue for us because our mattress topper meant the fitted sheet was already very difficult to get on. I only buy flat sheets one size larger than I need now.
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Best answer: The best bed linen I have ever had is Wilkos Best satin stripe.
Bonus that it is also really good value and they look as good as new after 5 years of use. Their fitted sheets with the stretch ends are also good.

Seconding John Lewis Egyptian cotton towels too, alhough they do need some fabric conditioner and an occasional tumble dry helps with the soft fluffyness.
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Response by poster: Update: I bought fitted sheets from Muji and from John Lewis, to compare. John Lewis has tons of colours for their sheets, the fabric feels quality but is not particularly soft. The Muji sheets are like lying on a cloud of softness, superb. They have only very limited colours, but the softness is so incredible, it doesn't matter. Thanks for helping me up my linens game!
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