What are amateurs using to make funeral or wedding slideshows these days
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What are the common people (not professionals) using to make slideshows for presentations at funerals or weddings these days?

I have a funeral coming up that I need to make a slideshow for and I was wondering what other people are doing to make this in the easiest way possible.

I have a Smugmug and a Flickr account. And a Dropbox account. But if there is something even easier than using those websites I'd like to hear about it.

I've never used Powerpoint. Do people still use that? Would that be the easiest? I imagine it is easy to learn to use.

I'm hoping something has risen to the top over the years to be the easiest way to do this.
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You can make one quite easily in PowerPoint. It has a shallow learning curve and comes with lots of features. People rag on PowerPoint but it really is a good and robust presentation tool.
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PowerPoint or Keynote are basically the gold standards. Both extremely easy to use.

I'm sorry for your loss.
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PowerPoint 'cause it comes with Microsoft Office or you can get the free, open source LibreOffice version which is called Impress.
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You can also use Google Slides. Same premise as PowerPoint, but much easier to just hit present and have it work in any browser.
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Yeah, it's still powerpoint. I've worked at a graphic design agency that used powerpoint for presentations (because it supports gifs and video). It's really easy too.
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Oh, and I went to a wedding last year with a powerpoint presentation. So anecdata from both extremes = powerpoint.
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Both Windows Photo Viewer and Mac Photos can do slideshows. There's no need to use a program like PowerPoint if you don't want to.
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Seconding Rash's suggestion of LibreOffice if you don't already have access to PowerPoint. LibreOffice slideshow tutorial.

I hope your slide show helps everyone celebrate the life of your late loved one. Condolences for your loss.
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We used the Pictures folder within Windows itself -- put all your pictures in there, go up to Picture Tools, and click Slide Show. Once it's running, right-click to set the speed and shuffle vs. loop. That's it. You can continue to add pictures to that folder as they come in.
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If you have access to an iDevice, Apple makes it easy to create slideshows set to music.
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Honestly I'd up (or down) the game a bit and go for something like this Digital 2000 Photos Display Frame. That's really nice to just place somewhere and let people stand and watch, and it's something someone might want to take home. Gather your photos, make them available as a download somewhere. Give the frame to someone if that's applicable.

(Unless this is like big-screen projector event sort of thing where the computer/laptop is actually hidden. Nobody wants tech for those few hours.)
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We used Google slides at a recent funeral. All it required was WiFi.
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PowerPoint especially if no WiFi was available. MS Office is found practically everywhere and I include some remote conference venues in my experience. OSX has Keynote and software designed to put together some slick shows but in learning curve and availability PowerPoint is hard to beat. I have seen it used for funerals, wakes, memorial services and weddings.
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For what it's worth I used Powerpoint for my dad's funeral last year. I used a slightly modified template and the presentation included texts, images and videos.
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Response by poster: Every answer here has been useful to me. Thank you!
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I made two last year, both with Apple iMovie, Ken Burns effect, then added songs trimmed to specific lengths and exported as mp4's - ready for thumb drives to the churches and to youtube for all that couldn't make the funerals.
Mostly a smooth process.
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