My turn: Unopened tofu in warm/hot car all day. Edible?
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Yes, I’m using my ‘can I eat this’ coupon. I purchased tofu from the produce section (plastic container, cool, not refrigerated), left it in my car during the pretty warm day (high 70’s) and a cool night (mid 40’s) . Put it in the fridge this morning. All in all, about 22 hours. Never opened. Safe to eat or do I trash it? Thank you.
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I would not eat that. Too warm for too long. Pitch it.
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Unless it's tetrapacked, shelf-stable tofu (which sounds unlikely but not absolutely impossible given your description), I would toss it.
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Best answer: DO NOT EAT
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The USDA would say to ditch it. Their guidelines are by design highly conservative.

But I, personally, would consider eating it after cooking it well, provided that it looks/smells fine, and has normal texture. In my experience it's easy to tell when tofu is bad. I also regularly flout the USDA danger zone, and plan to someday write a blog about living entirely off of food they would say to throw out, so.
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Granted it was about 48 hours ...but we still have rotten tofu smell in our trunk from a forgotten closed package. Absolutely not. It may also already smell. Toss it.
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I say to open it up and give a good sniff. Any slight pungency? Anything slightly slimy? Anything that looks remotely pink? If not, it might still be ok, but I still probably wouldn't eat it (unless I was desperate for tofu. Which is a thing.)
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Tofu costs like $2 and this has undeniably been in the food danger zone for 6+ hours. I would personally toss it.
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If it smells okay, you could try a small portion, well cooked, see how you feel for half a day or so. Most bad food will declare itself promptly, some things may take 12 hours, etc. Foods that were sealed while hot tend to be pretty safe. IANAFood Scientist, my grocery is an annoying drive away, so if I needed it, I would try it.
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Beware of the "just cook it well" advice. It doesn't matter how "well" you cook it, you're not going to kill the toxins that are already in the food. You might kill the bacteria that created the toxins, but the things that are going to make you sick are still there.

This is what we were taught in our food sanitation classes in culinary school, and I've had the same instruction from the health departments of several cities I've lived and worked in as a cook.
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And as ever, please remember that not smelling bad doesn't mean it's safe. The bacteria that make old food smell putrid are not the same ones that will give you food poisoning. They grow in similar conditions, so smelling bad also means it's reasonable to assume that there could be food poison causing bacteria there as well, but smelling fine does not equal safe.
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I come from a culture where tofu is a staple food, and I say toss it.
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Ask me about my food poisoning experience involving tofu. Actually don’t because it’s gross af. Toss it!
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Noooooo , throw that out
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Tofu is inexpensive. Toss it out and buy fresh.
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Honestly, that sounds horrifying. Haha. I would toss.
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Yeah, tofu is cheap. To the trash can with it!
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We have had bad ... experiences from bad tofu. Please throw it away.
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I'm a penny pincher. I've drunk Nile water. I generally go by sight and scent, not by expiry dates. I cut mold off of cheese.

And I would not eat your tofu.
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Response by poster: Thank you all. I had a slightly disappointing, but ultimately safer lunch.
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I read this and wanted to gag. I do not usually have a strong opinion on these questions much less a physical one. Bye bye tofu RIP.
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