Vegas without the hub bub?
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We are driving across country and need to stop in vegas, but...

We have no interest in being on any part of the "strip" and if possible would like to avoid the whole crazy part of the town.

We will be staying one night and heading to the airport in the morning to drop off part of our party. Two kids who loves a pool are in tow.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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This was also mentioned in another Vegas thread yesterday, but we love Red Rock resort when we're in Vegas with our kids. It's way off the strip but a really nice clean resort, not seedy at all, and there are always tons of families there, it's definitely not a bachelor/bachelorette party type place. My kids love the pool.
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How about Palace Station?

It's right off the I-15 exit and yes, it's a hotel/casino but it's more of a 'locals' joint than anything else. You're north of the strip and near all the normal restaurants and shops that aren't filled with tourists. You can actually park your car and be in your room in under 5 minutes.

Rooms are maybe $40-$50 (but do some online searching, Kayak thinks you can get it for $29). There's also an outdoor pool.
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The golden nugget downtown is nice and has an AWESOME pool. Shark tank and slide!
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Palace station has one of the best buffets downtown, the international buffet. Its in a really beautiful room.
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Maybe look at Airbnb’s/VRBO’s with pool access? There are some nice and affordable ones in Vegas, far off the Strip.
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I was the one who said Red Rock in that other thread and I'm saying it again here. It's pleasantly removed from the Strip. Your room will either have an amazing view of the Strip, off in the distance, or a beautiful mountain rocks. The pool area is lovely, there's a decided lack of Vegas craziness, and the way the lobby of the hotel is laid out, you can arrive and go up to your room without passing through the casino, which is great when you have kids and/or you just don't want to deal with that nonsense. Highly recommended.

Also:you're still only twenty minutes from the airport.
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Nth the Red Rock. I go to Vegas about yearly for climbing. I avoid the strip like the plague. We stay at the Red Rock frequently. Lots of nice restaurants around that area of town too (strongly recommend Honey Salt, and the steak place in the RR itself is very pricey but also high quality). It's right on the 215, so very easy to the airport.
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Henderson, Nevada is just east of Vegas and feels more like a California suburb.
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