Please share your all-day workshop spaces in DC
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I run an annual event for academics where we hold a 1 day workshop. Next year it will be in Washington DC. Attendees will be from all over the world, but many will be staying in Dupont Circle. We need a space to meet for a day. We have traditionally done this on a university campus or in a public library. The space needs wifi, room for 30 people in one room, and breakout rooms/areas for groups of 6. We also need to either bring in catering or use the catering service of the site. Suggestions for safe venues in DC, fairly close to Dupont?
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Friends Meeting of Washington DC is what you want. Ive attended several workshops there and it's perfect for your needs.
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Brookings! The event space there is wonderful. They offer discounted rates for academic and nonprofit groups.
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UDC is 2 short metro stops from Dupont circle, but the metro stop is literally at UDC.
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Seconding Friends Meeting! I have never organized an event there, but I've been to a couple and it was great. Brookings of course is lovely, but the people over there are frankly a little full of themselves and can be sort of cringe-y and eye-roll-ish to deal with.
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I haven't organized an event there, but I'd like to recommend the Kimpton Hotel Palomar. Beautiful place, and it's 2121 P St NW.
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Maybe the new West End Library? I know they have a meeting room that would accommodate you, but I'm not sure about breakout space or catering.
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