Help me revitalize my spring/summer wardrobe!
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I just bought this dress from Thief and Bandit. Not explicitly springy/summery but I love the look of some of their other items: (dresses, skirts, leggings!) Help me find more stores and more stuff like it!

Around a similar price point or under would be ideal, and I can't afford to go crazy and buy a whole new wardrobe all at once, but I'm looking for nicer stuff than I ordinarily have. I tend to go extremely casual, which is easy since I work from home, but sometimes I have to go into the office in two major U.S. cities and realize I have nothing to wear. I don't necessarily care about going super professional, but don't always want to rock the jeans and t-shirt look when I go out!

Dresses and skirts with nice patterns (I am SO into T&B's animal patterns) and/or color schemes like Thief and Bandit are what I'm looking for. I don't have much in the way of tops to wear with dresses either. Machine washable is also a HUGE plus because I am horrible at handwashing or getting my stuff dry cleaned. All suggestions welcome! I'm 5'4", 27, and tend to look young, so I try to dress to counteract that.
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Best answer: So cute! Reminds me a lot of Anthropologie like this one, this one, or this one (a romper, but with zebras!).
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Modcloth has a lot of fun patterns. I've had quite a lot of luck with their clothes, and free returns for any misses. Quality varies by brand, but I've gotten lots of items that have worn well with heavy usage.
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Best answer: Nooworks!
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try Birds of North America - they have some similar prints and colours.

Samantha Pleet also has prints in a similar vein - it's a slightly higher price point than T&B though.
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Family Affairs. Not necessarily their current stuff, but their sale section!
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Best answer: There's a seller on Etsy with a similar vibe: SimkaSol. You might also like MaryInk.
posted by missmobtown at 4:27 PM on June 11, 2018 has lots of patterned clothing in a wide price range. You may have to sort through a fair amount though. I have to order a size down on the US site.
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