Fastest way to learn software development best practises?
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I've picked up software development best practises in a scattershot way through the years. I'll soon have an artist or two transitioning to software development roles, and I'd like to have a reference resource - book? blog? online course? - that will help them get quickly up to speed on software development best practises. Ideally, it would present a not-overwhelming list of good ideas and explain in plain language why they're good ideas.

The primary languages and tools will be Python, Javascript and Git, so static typing and manual memory management won't be immediately important.

All suggestions appreciated.
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The "Clean Code" book by Robert C. Martin
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Learn Pyhon the Hard Way by Zed Shaw is often recommended.
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Two books that were (and continue to be) very helpful for me are Clean Code and the Pragmatic Programmer. They aren't in your languages (they aren't in mine either) and there will be chapters that might not specifically apply to you, but both books contain plenty of universally-applicable best practices.

I think they will work very to organize and codify whatever tips and concepts you have picked up here and there. For example, I remember first reading Pragmatic Programmer's chapter on orthogonality, which was a concept I kind of had a sense of but didn't know it had a name, and immediately being able to go back and apply it to my own work. Both books are full of chapters like that.
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Came here to suggest Clean Code, happy to see it was the first & third comment already. Reading anything by Robert Martin will never be a waste of time.
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Sounds like I've got my answer. Thanks!
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