Help Me Get Married in Alameda County
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Can anyone help me find a civil wedding ceremony officiant for my wedding in Alameda County, CA?

We're getting married in Berkeley this June, and I want a representative of local government (marriage commissioner, judge, etc.) to perform the ceremony. Alameda County only provides officials for weddings on county property during business hours (even though San Francisco and Sacramento counties will send officiants offsite to your weekend ceremony).

I have to believe though, that some marriage commissioners in Alameda County might like to make a little extra money by performing weddings on the weekends. I just can’t figure out how to contact them.

I realize that getting a secular humanist officiant is an option, or having a friend do it, but honestly I'm not wild about either option. This is all a lot more complicated than I would have thought, and I'd love to hear from folks who've dealt with the same, or a similar, problem.
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your best bet might be to call the Clerk-Recorder's office (Patrick O'Connell in Alameda) and ask if they know of any commissoners who might be willing.

In Santa Barbara County, there is no Justice of the Peace/etc, but you can hire judges during non-working hours.

Another option might be to call the Mayor, Assemblyperson, etc. and see if s/he (or a deputy) might be willing/able. I believe (double check this, of course) that in California, virtually any elected official or judge (or retired judge) can perform weddings.

Good luck, try not to stress about it too much, and congrats!
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Response by poster: Thanks JMOZ-- we'll give those suggestions a try. Appreciate the help.
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