Personal/Professional Site: What to include on it.
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JobHuntFilter: I'm currently scoping out lower to mid-level IT jobs in the Nashville area. I have a site setup already with my resume (several different formats). contact info, RSS of my tech articles, and a brief 'who I am' page. Anything else I should put on it?

Has anyone run across a site like this that really caught your eye?
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Make sure you've used scemantic code that Google can digest. My resume/portfolio site's biggest referrer is is Google: specifically people searching for "[insert skill here] resume"
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Response by poster: Right.

I am thinking more of actual content vs. code, though.
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Right. Maybe consider some testimonials from clients/former employers? Otherwise, you seem to have nailed it.
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Work samples are always nice. Programmers might post some code snippets or API documentation, Sysadmins a particularly well-commented config file, DBAs an E-R diagram. Giving a potential employer an actual work product to look at can really make a strong impression.

Just make sure that it makes a GOOD impression. I interviewed a Java programmer that posted an incomprehensible code sample that he couldn't explain.
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I'm trying to build a similar site - what helped was a bio of myself and some work samples, with explanations of what went on within the project.
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