What are your favorite podcasts for learning about new music?
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At this point in my life I'm only learning about new music via YouTube video soundtracks, and I want to fix that. What are your favorite podcasts for discovering new music? I'm interested in all genres but less interested in classical and opera. Thanks!
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Not a podcast, but I listen to a lot of www.WFMU.org. it's an independent radio station that streams out of New Jersey. You can download an app for it for your phone. There's bound to be a show or two you'll enjoy.
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I let the robots take care of this for me. If you're a Spotify user, they offer a plethora of algorithm-maintained playlists that track new music in various genres and subgenres... down to some fairly niche microgenres. This FPP breaks down how it works. Basically, you can get a survey of the most popular songs in a microgenre by searching for the Spotify playlist called "Sound of [Microgenre]," usually a list of the latest top tracks in the same via "Pulse of [Microgenre]," and often a list of unheralded but up-and-coming tracks via "Edge of [Microgenre]."
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I've found some things I like via Bandcamp Weekly.
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I recommend BBC radio archives which you can filter by genre. At least in the folk category the two hour shows usually have a playlist and the presenters introduce each song before and/or after airing instead of in groups. It's easy to track down something you like.
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NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts has an audio podcast in addition to their youtube stream.
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*cough* i do a music podcast, link is in my profile *cough*

bandcamp has the weekly email service (mentioned above) but there's also their blog, bandcamp daily, that's updated several times a day and is probably the most consistent and well-written source for interesting new music out there.
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(oh, didn't realize bandcamp weekly is also a podcast- damn they understand how to spend money to make money)
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NPR's Alt Latino is great.

For Brazilian music, I like Radioca (can skip the talking if you don't know Portuguese).
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Seconding Sound Opinions. I also listen to NPR's All Songs Considered and KEXP Presents Music that Matters. If you like electronic music, try the DJ History podcast.
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I usually stream KCRW’s Eclectic 24 in the kitchen when I’m cooking and can’t flip vinyl sides every 20 minutes. You can stream from your phone or computer or AppleTv or whatever and it’s good for “what was the name of that song 3 songs ago” with links to stores or the band’s website.
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Can it be a Spotify playlist? Said the Gramphone is "a daily sampler of really good songs" and a fun read to boot, covering a really wide variety of genres. They do a yearly Best Of playlist on Spotify, too. I can attribute most of my new music horizons to StG. I just love them.
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I really dig New Sounds and Soundcheck, but WNYC shows hosted by John Schaefer. New Sounds tends to be longer, more ambient and world music, and Soundcheck will focus on a single artist and have both discussion and music with them. Have found some of my favorite musicians through both of these.
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Not a podcasts but the Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show on BBC 6 is a weekly 3 hour block of the tastiest funk and soul both old and new.
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Response by poster: Wow, thank you all so much. I've got so many things to explore now -- and maybe I really need to think about getting into Spotify. Thank you thank you thank you!
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