Necklaces that don't rip my hair out
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I've tried lots of different styles of clasps and chains on my necklaces but they ALL get stuck in my hair and end up tangled in it. I'm tired of ripping my hair out but can't find anything that works - what works for you?

I have a feeling that my hairline is much lower than average and my hair is past my shoulders so it's really easy for the hair at the nape of my neck to get caught in any necklace. It seems more like my hair gets caught in the join between the chain and the clasp. I've tried different types of clasps, different chains, and sliding a small section of aquarium tubing over the whole inch or so of hardware to protect my hair from getting in contact with it. The tubing works okay but isn't perfect and it looks horrible so I'd prefer not to do it. It's much worse if my hair gets sweaty.

I tend to wear thin silver chains and I wear them round the clock. Sleeping with them on doesn't seem to be any more problematic than not but when i eventually take a necklace off, there's always a big clump of hair that's accumulated.

I'd like to avoid shaving my hairline to solve this problem. What else?
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A magnetic closure might not tangle as much, so I'd buy one and replace the closure on one of your current necklaces to test it out. If that still doesn't work, I'd buy a chain with large enough links that you can slip a single jump ring through and close it with a jewelry pliers. This means you'd need the pliers to remove the necklace as well.
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lariat-style necklaces (also called Y necklaces apparently) are the only ones that don't rip out my hair.
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Toggle clasps are a lot less grabby than a lobster-clasp, and solved my neckace-hair-pulling problems.
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TYPE of chain is the only thing that makes a real difference for me (and I have the same problem and hated it). I avoid snake chains, rope chains, and braids. I mostly wear variations of a box chain and don't have the same issues I do with the others.
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Try necklaces without chains, just thread, rope, fabric, plant, string, etc.
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Screw-shut barrel clasps are usually okay for me, but I think it's partly the join from the clasp to the chain that graps hair and I can't see what the difference is.
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These seem to have mixed reviews, but the price is low enough that if they do work and let you wear more of the necklaces you have, they might be worth a try?
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I make my own jewelry as well as make and teach others how to do it. There are several options, depending on a lot of factors, some mentioned by others.

If you have a well-constructed piece, you can have a very showy clasp (toggle, magnetic) be placed in the front or side of the necklace. That won't pull a hair-chew.

Conversely, perhaps a lariat that you can wrap around your neck will also be easy to manage and not trap hair.

Or a choker. It sits up and stays in place on your neck.

Finally, you can have a small snap or button -- if done correctly, you can cover up the closure, and it hides it while keeping it away from your hair.
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I have a few grabby pieces and a low neck line, and if the collar of my shirt is high enough I sometimes use a safety pin and pin the clasp to the back of the shirt. It stops it rubbing or moving at all and I get less grab that way.
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I think a lot of people have this problem and it is NOT due to a low hairline. I've tried magnet clasps and they still pulled hair. I watched the video posted by Mchelly and most of the reviews of this item are negative - the plastic clasp covers don't stay in place and don't work.

Hoping someone else will weigh in with a solution!
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