Looking for an NYC store that sells Katharine Hepburn style pants
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I'm looking for brick and mortar stores in NYC that sell Katharine Hepburn style pants, fancy enough for a wedding.

I can spend up to $200 and am particularly interested in interesting colors. I fell in love with a deep turquoise pair I found in the East Village, but they sadly only had one (too small) size. I don't have enough time to do any online shopping so am only looking for stores that I can visit in person. Thanks in advance for your help!
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Very wide-legged trousers aren't super-in right now but I see some things on the Aritzia website that might work for you, depending? They have an NYC store.
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I believe h&m has some right now, but idk how fancy they are.
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I've seen plenty of moderately wide-legged and/or high-waisted pants on the racks lately. I think your bigger problem is going to be finding something that's not cropped. There's a COS, & Other Stories, and Zara right next door to each other at 42nd and Fifth Ave, I'd spend a few minutes sifting through their websites (saw a couple possible things on the Stories website), make a list, and blitz through all three in one trip.
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I think these from Anthropologie are gorgeous and they have a lot of other wide-legged pants as well on the website, though mostly cropped. You could call the stores and ask what's in stock.
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Depends on how tall you are, but, if you're on the shorter side, Reformation might be a good bet. I just got a pair of very wide-legged pants that are "cropped" but since I'm 5'4", they're full length on me. They have a ton of options right now if you're not set on having cuffed pants (which is peak Katharine Hepburn, in my mind).

On the less expensive end, NY & Co had a ton of high-waisted, cuffed, wide legged pants on their website a couple months ago, so I'd bet they're still in stores now.
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The glorious J. Peterman Company often carries pants like this, it looks like they have some silk ones right now.
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Eileen Fisher carries wide-legged trousers.
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