I Need a Fabulous Dress
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I have been invited to a wedding at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. The dress code is "creative formal." I need to find a fabulous statement dress to wear. Help!

The couple getting married is known for their epic parties, and they have super, super cool and fashionable friends. I'm not very fashionable, but I'm not scared to go out of my comfort zone and I'd like to go all out!

I have been looking on Pin Up Girl clothing and Anthropologie's websites, but haven't found the right thing. If we can find one, we are going to rent a powder blue suit for my husband to wear - so, I'm picturing a kind of flowy dress with a 60s/70s vibe, but it needs to make a statement!

I'm not particularly tall or thin (5'6" 160 lb), so I'm not sure any serious designer dresses will work for me. I am willing to spend up to $300.

Any other websites or stores that might have some options for me? I live in Denver, if anyone local has ideas. Thank you!
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Rent the runway. I was skeptical, but I'm shorter and weigh more than you and I got three dresses that were stunning.
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Seconding Rent the Runway!
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You might want to try a vintage clothing store like this one.
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There are some really fun dresses of all kinds of styles at ModCloth that will look fantastic on you and are stylish and fun.
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Etsy has lots of great vintage dresses. You can find any sort you're looking for there, and really narrow it down by era.
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Depending on how much time you have you can also try Trunk Club. Nordstrom owns them but if you tell them your budget and what you're lookign for they will send ten of them to your house and you can keep what you want and return the others. If you have a nordstrom card, it's free, other wise I think it's $20. THe stylist will call you and talk to you enough to get a pretty good grasp on what you want.
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Possibly not formal enough for you but I bought this dress just because I loved it that much (it's less royal blue than it is in the photos -- the video is closer to the color it is in person). I'm about 5'2" ~155 pounds and I think this dress looks fabulous on me. (It at least, has the flowy '70s thing down).

ASOS is worth a look, anyway, although it's a lot to go through. Returns are free & you have the option to fill out a size profile, which is pretty accurate in my experience.
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One of the great things about Rent the Runway is that you can see pictures of the dress on regular people of varying sizes.

I think this would look good with a powder blue suit.

If you're adventurous, separates are really in right now.
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Madonna Inn fanatic here. I am so jealous that you are going to a wedding there with a "creative formal" theme. Whatever you do, don't think subtle for your outfit and accessories. Think:

- pink and gold
- cherubs
- glitter and opalescent shine
- caveman
- jungle
- carved dark wood

Seriously, go to town. darksong's blue cape dress would be beautiful with some strong accessories. Have an awesome time!
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Oh my god darksong that cape dress is amazing.

If you're interested in going in a disco glam direction, might I suggest a formal jumpsuit? I have a wide leg
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Ugh hit post too soon. I have a wide leg one that I love and makes me feel 1000% cooler than I actually am! Rent the runway has some great options:



With a cape!
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I live for the day I can wear something from unique vintage to an event
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I also thought wide leg jumpsuit!
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eshakti! They'll customize for things like length and neckline too.
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The suggestions for dresses are excellent, but I'm going to suggest another direction:

If you already have a basic dress that you love, wear that and spend your budget on accessories.

A fancy hat or a horned headdress? A mask? Some wings? A glorious body chain? Go wild.
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Oh my. I have found the dress for you. That dress with some fabulous hair, and you're set.

If you want bolder, try this one. And it would be perfect with a guy wearing a powder blue suit! Again you'd need over the top hair.

Lastly, this might change your guy's choices, but I think it would be so, so awesome if you wore this dress -- with a top hat.
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Nthing Rent The Runway, but be sure to look at what kind of underthings they say you'll need.
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Thank you all! I'm going to check out Rent the Runway, but I think ASOS may have that touch of weird that I am looking for!
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Madonna Inn should be on the National Historic Registry: kitschy and over the top, splendid and appalling at the same time. You should look at hundreds of pictures of the Inn to immerse yourself in the gestalt. Queensissy summarized the pastiche: every hotel room has a different theme, from Mermaid to Tarzan, with Marie Antoinette and Liberace as the guiding principles.

Any stock character, as a camp caricature, would fit right in.
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