How do I get my hair like this again?
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Last weekend I got my hair cut and the stylist put some loose wavy curls in I really liked. Because I didn't expect to like it (and because I can't see without my glasses on), I didn't pay attention to what tool she was using--I assumed curling iron, but it might have been a flat iron? And she didn't use much product, seemed like just one Aveda styling spray. Here's what it looked like. What tool, product, & technique do I need to make it look like that again myself?
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I should add that, unstyled, my hair is thin and fairly straight, with a very slight natural wave in humid environments.
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I'm guessing that she did it with a flat iron, like this.
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Mine does something similar with a thin 1 inch flatiron - you could try that, or I might email/call for a short reach me how to do this appointment. She could do half with you watching, then let you finish and give you some tips.
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Yeah, the video ArbitraryAndCapricious posted is an excellent tutorial. As a tip, if you are a little clumsy like I am, I accidentally bought a mini/travel 1" flatiron that's about half as long as regular irons and a little harder to touch yourself on the face/neck with it.
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Also, your hair is super cute, and it is reigniting my fantasy of going purple.
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FWIW after I got my hair cut, my Aveda stylist offered me another appointment to learn how to style it curly for free. I love them!
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ArbitraryAndCaprricious Thanks! You should totally do it. The purple in the photo is faded Pravana vivid violet.
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FWIW after I got my hair cut, my Aveda stylist offered me another appointment to learn how to style it curly for free. I love them!

Yeah, I'm on team call and ask her what she used. I can't imagine why she wouldn't at the very least tell you the name of the product and tool she used.
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Call and ask, for sure. But also get the tool she used and watch several YouTube tutorials on how to make it do what you want (beachy waves). Don’t be discouraged if it takes you a time or ten to get it right. This is a learned skill and it will take time if you haven’t done it before.

I’m sure she will tell you this, but make sure you get a heat protectant spray or cream before using any kind of heat tool on your hair.

Another option if you don’t want to use a heat styling tool is to do damp styling, where you start with dry hair and spritz it lightly with water, then twist it into loose or tight buns, pincurls, braids, or twisted ropes that you pin on top of your head. Leave it for an hour and then when you take it out you’ll have cute beachy waves, no tools required! You can look up ‘no heat curls’ on YouTube for examples, and play around with different methods to see which one works for your hair. Some people use weird things as curler stand-ins, but you can safely ignore this trend. You can do this with towel dried hair as well, but my hair is thick enough that it won’t dry for ages if it’s pinned up and it needs to be dry when you take it down for the curls to stay.

I have just-past-shoulder length teal/purple/magenta dyed hair that I don’t like to style with heat since its bleached underneath. I spritz my hair with water every morning and put it up into a bun on each side for an hour and when I take it out i have nice beachy waves that last all day, even though my hair is thick and resistant to heat set curls. If it’s humid i’ll mist on a bit of hairspray, and rub some argan oil into the ends if it looks dry. It’s a good hack for lazy people like me who want cute hair and can’t be arsed to break out styling tools every morning.
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