Bow tie gift counterpart for non-bow-tie wearers
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I’v been sewing bow ties for some friends who have been super supportive of me over the past year. They’re a perfect project; they require only a very small amount of fabric, and they sew up in a couple hours. But there are some other friends in the same category who don’t wear bow ties. What sewn gift could I make for those friends? Quilting cotton is the fabric I have most readily at my disposal, and what I would prefer to use.
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Quickie projects I have done in the past that have always been well-received:
tea bag wallet
oven mitt
eyeglass cases
phone case
can cozy
zipper pouches for toiletries
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how about those heating pad pillows filled with rice and lavender? or you could scrunch the fabric in a flower shape and make pins/brooches. this site has some cute ideas, depending on the demographics of your group (sorry for the copied link, i’m on mobile):
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handkerchiefs! (or maybe most people don't sneeze as often as I do - and they are almost too simple, as sewing goes. but I would love some more nice cotton handkerchiefs)

other possibilities:

pillow cases/cusion covers
book covers
drawstring bags (if they are crafters, they will have endless uses for drawstring bags)
reusable shopping bags (bonus points for an attached pocket they can fit into)
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Oh I love the idea of bags. I can never have too many zippered pencil/toiletry bags! I also love drawstring bags for knitting and totes for bopping about.
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Table runners!
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Small bags! Pencil pouches, make up bags, toiletry cases, zippered pouches, drawstring bags, coin purses, card carriers, etc.
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I agree with small zippered pouches, either rectangular of a pencil length or more square and of a tampon length. If zippered overly complicates the project, then with an envelope type flap with a cute button would also be great.

A phone sleeve that has a strap that could be clipped around a purse strap could also be useful.
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Do they play D&D or other tabletop RPGs? A bud made me a custom dice bag that I absolutely loved. A little too much, in fact, as I wound up tearing it. Make sure if you do this you line it or find another way to reinforce it.
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Set of cloth napkins - more fabric but still little sewing.
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Cloth headbands, if you think it would work with the recipient's style. I'd love it if someone made me one one in a cute fabric.
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"And for my non bow tie wearing BFFs... the Un-Tie!"
Tiny bow tie earrings... bow tie wrist corsage... hair comb bow tie... blazer pocket bow tie... bow tie ring for cigar/fountain pen... eyeglasses retainer "Croakies" with bow tie... bow tie clip for (wait for it) a regular tie....
The mind boggles....
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My friend made pillow covers for her living room pillows, and they're really cute. You don't need to put zippers in or anything, the back just has two slightly-overlapping pieces of fabric in an "envelope" style.

Do any of your friends have pets? You could make smaller scale bow ties! Or little bandanas! (I definitely have bought both for my dog.)
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Brett Bara's Sewing in a Straight line has a set of really useful sized fabric bowls that use quilting cotton and interfacing.
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I have a few fabric-scrap ideas saved on a pinterest board here.

I really like the little collar pouch for dogs to carry their own poop baggies. Making lens cover pouches for photographers (that hang on their strap) has also always been a big hit. (it's basically the same as the dog collar pouch.)
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I just sent you MeMail.
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Go to the Vera Bradley website and look around. The have a number of small items: wristlet, cell phone cases, RFID case (that's a credit card case with intrusion protection), etc.
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Drawstring bags of all sizes - small enough for jewellery or large enough for laundry! Fancy or casual, elaborate or simple. You can do them unlined with just a zig-zag finish on the inside seams, a French seam finish, or line them to make them extra posh. You can applique a design on the bag, or leave it plain. Make them out of muslin and personalise them with fabric paint. You can find tutorials on youtube, pinterest, and countless blogs. You can never have enough bags!
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Mug. Cozy. I found mine on Etsy and use it every cup, every day. (They function similarly to the more popular cold drink cozies, but they're a wraparound design for too-hot coffee cups.)

Nthing soup bowl cozy ("microwavable bowl potholder," apparently)

decorative quilt block

gift card holder
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