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My kid's high school graduation tickets are lost.The graduation is tomorrow

Each kid gets 6 tickets. There are 6 relatives who came from a thousand miles away to see her. Some are elderly. They have gone to great expense and trouble, are staying in a hotel, flew here, etc.
What is going to happen? I wrote to the principal but it's late at night and who knows if he checks his email.
There is an auditorium with a live feed for extra guests. It is going to be devastating if they are stuck in there instead of seeing it live in the gym. My kid is already devastated and horrified.
I am very worried and know I won't be able to sleep tonight, so I wondered if anyone has ever had experience with this and what the high schools tend to do in case of lost graduation tickets.
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I’m sure the 6 “tickets” are more of a sly way of letting students know that the gym can only hold X number of people, and they can’t bring the entire extended family. If you show up with 5 people and you name a child who attends the school, you’ll certainly be allowed in.
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Go to the school first thing and tell them this. Cry a little. If anyone has a disability that involves forgetting or misplacing things, this is a good time to mention it.
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If this was a concert I'd say you're screwed, but this is your kid's school: they know her, they know that nobody is going to try to sneak in to watch a graduation they have no link to. This is just a way of making sure the space isn't over-subscribed. Go a bit early, explain what's happened and I am certain they'll let six people in without tickets. Oh, and you won't be the only ones either.

Enjoy the day, and congratulations to your daughter!
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You will be fine. But your child's extreme concern worries me, because it means that the school did not explain the system for lost tickets sufficiently to them, which means I can see the school perhaps, yes, shunting anyone without tickets into the overflow room and saying "oh, this is to make sure the main room doesn't exceed the fire marshal's limit" or some other nonsense. It gives them an out - and also lets them subtly punish anyone they don't like the look of on the day. Be wary; your child is right to be worried. (Good thing your kid's leaving if this is their approach to risk management!)

Also, this could be a mess if the grad coordinator is making judgments at the door like a bouncer.

So! Call the school's admin line - the number you use for absences maybe? There will be at least one person answering the phone in the morning - no school event is happening without someone in the office. Tell them - do not ask! - that your relatives have lost their tickets and that you need to know what to tell them. Politely and casually make sure you get the person's name.

Show up at the desired entrance - and be ready to explain that you will not leave until your family are seated.

Congrats to your velveteen!
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You want to talk to the school secretary, not the principal. The secretary is almost certainly running the whole show (every day), and can get you more tickets. If your kid goes to a large school (500+ in the graduating class), definitely try to make contact with the secretary beforehand as they're going to be running around all morning and be stressed. If it's a smaller school you can probably just show up early and track them down. Every school staff member in the world will believe a story about your kid losing the tickets or never even bringing them home ("ugh, seniors, am I right?"), and if the staff really resists letting you in some tears may be appropriate.

Send the secretary (or whoever they talk to) a thankful email after graduation. They never get acknowledgement of how much work graduation can be. Your senior sounds like a great responsible kid, but think of all the yahoos they're graduating with--the front office staff has been strong-arming lazy seniors for weeks to turn in paperwork, pay fines, finish classes, pick up yearbooks and caps and gowns and... They know better than most how unreliable those kids are at this moment. (Even if your kid didn't lose the tickets! I can guarantee some kids DO every year and this is not a new problem for them.)
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I’m a high school teacher.

I’ve worked in schools where tickets were strictly limited and if you didn’t have one, you weren’t coming. Period. Most of those were big schools where younger students who weren’t graduating wanted to see their friends graduate and there just wasn’t room. So I can definitely see them turning you away without tickets in hand.

I would appeal to your child’s teachers or counsellor - especially if you have a good relationship with them. School staff are super busy around graduation but teachers are still checking email because of grades being due, etc.

Plus, they probably have personal contact info for the principal or other people capable of making an exception for you or magically producing more tickets.

Good luck! I hope it works out.
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Does your child know anyone not using all their tickets? Getting two extra from three friends seems doable. I graduated along with my twin brother, and we only needed three tickets between us.
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Follow up: Took andoatnp's advice above and it worked out! Thank you everyone.
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Glad everything worked out. Cheers!
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