Volume of a sword versus a ring
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Please help me settle an argument regarding swords and rings.

What is the approximate volume (i.e., water displaced if submerged) of a typical sword? Any kind. And the volume of a plain wedding band? How many average sized wedding bands would you need to melt down in order to cast a full size sword out of gold, handle and all? Not worried about actually using the sword, because that would be heavy as hell. Thanks!
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Google says that the average weight of a medieval sword is 3 pounds, and the density of steel is 8 grams per cubic centimeter.

3 pounds / (8 grams per cubic centimeter) = 170 mL

Google says that the average gold ring has 2g to 10g of gold, and the density of gold is 19 grams per cubic centimeter.

2 grams / (19 grams per cubic centimeter) = 0.1 mL
10 grams / (19 grams per cubic centimeter) = 0.5 mL

170mL / 0.1 mL = 1700 rings
170mL / 0.5 mL = 340 rings

That seems like a reasonable rough range.

Also, your sword would be very soft.
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Thank you, that's great. I didn't think to use density at all to solve this.
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A broadsword/claymore could be up to 6 pounds, so double the numbers if that's the sort of sword you're interested in.

So who won the argument?
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The two people arguing were neither of them even close so I told them both they lost. It was for a tabletop RPG campaign, which probably doesn't surprise too many people here, heh!
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One more possibility: Maybe they're thinking of something like a Super Bowl ring, which can weigh 30 grams to 100 grams. That brings us down to 34 - 113 rings. Is that closer to what they were thinking?
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