What are some online art galleries you recommend?
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I want to look at art - paintings, photos, other media in person, but I live in a small city. What are some online galleries that would satisfy my thirst?
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You are exactly the kind of person we artists are always trying to find. We search for you online but so often in vain.

Off the top of my head: I'm fond of Xanadu Gallery and Artfinder, and not just because I've shown art on both sites. I found plenty of pieces of art I liked by other artists there too.
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1. Art 'online' or in photographs of any kind are only a pale reflection of the real thing so, Y.M.M.V. Something that looks amazing in real life might look dumb in a photograph and vice versa

2. Instagram: you don't have to participate but that's where I see the most art on the internet. Look for Jerry Salz (art critic) and, well, that's the entryway to more art than you can look at in any couple of lifetimes. But you're looking at photographs of artwork so you're kind of looking at an edited translation of the works themselves - but you should get a sense, at least, of what's out there.
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WikiArt (formerly WikiPaintings) has a great interface and high diversity of content, from ancient to modern.

Google Arts & Culture has scads of themed and curated collections in high resolution, including virtual tours of some real-world museums.
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While not a gallery per-se, The Vatican has a wonderful 360 zoomable VR of the Sistine Chapel. You can kill a lot of time there, believe me.
Requires Flash, though.
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The Smithsonian has a ridiculous amount of things online. It's a bit overwhelming to browse, but it's fun to play around and super-easy to lose track of time while doing so.
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Would you consider the Daily Art app, which I wholeheartedly recommend?
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Stephen Ellcock on Instagram

Closer to Van Eyck interactive web site
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The Rijksmuseum, the Netherlands' national museum, has the Rijksstudio which you can access via the web or app. They've got lots and lots of stuff to look at including stuff that's currently in storage and not on display. Also, they apparently partnered with Google for some stuff including what looks like a Google Streetview-esque view of the museum (not sure how comprehensive it is).
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I like Artsy, especially for contemporary artists. Geared toward actually buying art, but there's no cost to sign up just to look at stuff, and you can create collections of your favorite artists. Can also browse by specific galleries. There's also a mobile app, but I haven't used it.
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