WordPress templates that forefront search bar?
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Looking for resources to help a non-savvy person create a basic searchable catalog website .

I've been tasked with creating an online space that collates and provides info on a group of resources. The functionality will be fairly basic (search function,
links to information pages for each resource in the list, tagging/grouping resources, etc) and the site does not need to provide any interaction beyond allowing a user to search the resources, view them as a list, and connect to similar resources via tags. I may have some budget for this in the future, but right now I just want to get a basic mock-up/template up and running to show my supervisor so they can sign off on the full project (and decide whether a paid version of whatever platform we use to build it is worth it).

This all seems very simple and doable, and my research thus far suggests that WordPress is probably my best tool for this. Unfortunately, in my experimenting with the templates so far, I have (and this seems very odd, so clearly I'm doing something very wrong) yet to figure out how to make the search bar the central feature of my home/landing page, and can only find templates where the search bar is hidden in menus or sidebars. I'd like the look and functionality of the site to eventually be something that looks sorta like this (with the search bar being the main focus) or like this (though it needn't be *quite* that minimalist) but with the tagging/cross-referencing of list items akin to goodreads (but obviously on a MUCH smaller scale, and without the social element of goodreads). Is this something I can do in WordPress?

As is probably obvious, I have pretty basic-minimal computer/web literacy. I've used WordPress to make a very simple blog in the past, and have used SquareSpace to create a wedding website, but nothing that involved any sort of detailed customization, "plugins" (what's that?), "widgets" (whatnow?), or messing around with "CSS" (I only know that term because I keep seeing it on support forums when I'm trying to find answers to my dunce-y questions). This is not a project that we can hire an actual professional/expert for (though that would obviously be the best solution with the best end product).

SO...what I'm looking for are some solid, short-ish tutorial videos or articles that can refresh my memory on the mid-level functionality of WordPress (since I have the most basic of basics covered), and (once that is mastered) some guides/help/how-tos/advice on how to get the website I want from what to my uneducated eyes seems mostly like a blogging platform, specifically in regards to using WordPress to create a searchable collection/catalog of resources.

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A plugin is your answer. They are simple to install and activate - here's a bunch of search plugins to look over - http://www.wpbeginner.com/showcase/12-wordpress-search-plugins-to-improve-your-site-search/

Rule of thumb - only install plugins that are compatible with your version of Wordpress. The legit plugins will have a large number of previous installs - indicating it's well trusted.
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I don't know this theme myself but this is the first thing I found on Themeforest:


Even if you end up with a search-focused page, you still need to load all the things you'll be searching. That will be the bulk of the work.
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