women talking in the board room
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I remember reading an article that I believe was published in the New York Times sometime between Aug 2016 and Nov 2017 (or so). Can you help me to re-locate it?

The article was discussing women speaking at work, or possibly women speaking on professional boards. At one point, the article suggested that a board needed to be 80% women and 20% men in order for women's voices to be hear 50% of the time. The source for this stat was a study of school boards (which tend to be dominated by women). I'm finding myself unable to find the story. Can you please help?
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Response by poster: Of course, because I've just asked, I found it.

For the curious: The Universal Phenomenon of Men Interrupting Women

"Tali Mendelberg ... and Christopher F. Karpowitz ... found that, at school board meetings, men and women did not speak as long until women made up 80 percent of the school board. When men were in the minority, however, they did not speak up less."

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/14/business/women-sexism-work-huffington-kamala-harris.html
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Thanks for this article. It reminded me of a More Perfect podcast I just listened to about the amount of times women are interrupted on the Supreme Court.
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