I'd like to stay at the Civilized Oasis.
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Was there a hotel, or neighborhood of Manhattan, named Civilized Oasis in the 1980s?

I have what might admittedly be an utterly manufactured memory from Saturday Night Live (SNL) in the late 1980s/early 1990s. So I want to run it by you and see if it actually exists, or if I've completely fabricated this. (Most likely SNL, but there's a tiny chance it's some other show and I'm mis-remembering.)

I seem to think that, not unlike many a daytime talk show, at one point in time, SNL would have a little mini-plug segment during a commercial break, noting that "while in Manhattan, guests of Saturday Night Live stay at XYZ Hotel, with locations around town in A, B, C, and Civilized Oasis."

That sticks in my head, a quarter of a century later: That whatever hotel this was, one of their locations was "Civilized Oasis." That could've been the actual name of that specific hotel, or a neighborhood/area where that location of Hotel XYZ was.

Thing is . . . where or what the fuck is (or was) Civilized Oasis? Googling doesn't pull up anything of value — the phrase "civilized oasis" isn't totally original, as a couple of articles , but I see nothing about a geographical location OR hotel by that name.

And yet, I have very distinct memories of hearing this phrase almost weekly (as if on every week's SNL episode). Am I nuts, or did this actually happen?
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The tagline of the Stanhope Hotel was "Manhattan's Civilized Oasis." A link to an ad in New York Magazine.
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Oh I always liked that ad, too. It was the Berkshire Place Hotel. I dreamed of staying there someday.

This is what you are looking for.
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bitslayer: Damn, I think that's it! Thanks so much!

(And even more ironically/eerily, because I've become an Omni frequent flier and accumulated a bunch of loyalty points at their Richmond, VA hotel, I cashed them in last year at the Berkshire Place. I had no idea it was the "civilized oasis" at the time, but it all makes sense now. I'm an atheist, but . . . wow, does this make me wonder.)
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