Where to score plus-size, medical-grade compression leggings?
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Lucky me gets to wear compression leggings or tights for the next 6 months. I would prefer leggings but cannot find anything in my size. Specs: Opaque Open-toe leggings (not pantyhose) 3x -- 5’8” and 255lbs 10-20mmGH compression Black or gray ”Sports” leggings are ok if compression is graded Thanks for any leads. Google-fu fail!
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Try looking for lipoedema leggings. What you seek exists but probably by at a local retailer. Just for examples on amazon
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Not sure about their full range of sizes, but I know Zensah has a wide range of compression clothes and leggings. It is marketed primarily as sportswear.
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Anything at all tight really hurts my toes, so I cut the toe seam and apply nail polish to stop the fraying.
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Mojo and the aforementioned Zensah make really good compression socks/leggings/sleeves in all grades.
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OP here: Thanks for the ideas. Mojo doesn’t make my size and Zensah makes only a semi-opaque tight (can't wear alone). Coming up empty on Amazon. Gah!!
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I don't know if they would have sufficient compression, but what about these leggings from Junonia?
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Marena Leggings, black opaque, approximately 20mmHg compression, sizes xS-xxxxL

Macom post-surgery leggings, Diva compression leggings (opaque black, but you'd have to contact companies for specific gauge)

Juzo Soft 15-20 mmHg Compression Leggings, colors, black tie-dye and bright tie-dye, sheerness unclear. Size V is a 33.5" thigh / 13.75" ankle

Sigvaris has an opaque, black, 15-20mm open toe silicone-banded thigh high
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