Summer 2018 Hammock Tour of NYC
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Where in New York City or adjacent areas can I find hammocks or other suspended seating?

A new beau and I are getting excited for summer and would like to spend our time in hammocks or other suspended seating throughout the city. Porch swings, regular swings, or hammock chairs are acceptable as well. We've already visited Rooftop Reds in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and the hammock grove on Governor's Island is on our list.

New Yorkers of Metafilter, where can I gently sway this summer?
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Create your own suspended haven! We have a couple of these camping hammocks, and they’re fantastic. They come with straps to wrap around two tree trunks and easily pack into a small travel pouch.
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Best answer: Gantry Plaza State Park, in Long Island City right at the waterfront, has hammocks. And it's a great little park.
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We have a couple of these camping hammocks, and they’re fantastic.

May I recommend instead this one? It comes with its own folding stand, so you don't need to hunt down any trees. I highly recommend getting a couple of these and taking them to Rockaway Beach, and/or anywhere else where folding chairs are allowed. (I also often set mine up in my living room.)
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Perhaps not what you're looking for, but the Nu Hotel in Brooklyn has hammock suites.
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A side note for plans of suspending hammocks from trees: many parks are unenthusiastic about this. Please check before hammocking.
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ENO, a big name in hammocks, published a guide to responsible hammocking. Read it over - it's full of good advice. And use tree-saver straps.
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