I don’t think I wrote this... Who did???
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So, I wrote this quote down in a journal and then took a picture of it. The frame size was just large enough to get the quote in. I printed a photo of it and had it in a collage in my room for a few years. Over time it has become quite meaningful to me and now I am interested in finding the source. I have recently moved and my journals are currently inaccessible...

1. (Most likely) I read this in a book somewhere and jotted it down.

2. It was original (possible, but I feel like this came from somewhere other than me).

Can you help me find the source of this? (Yes, I have googled, though maybe (and hopefully) you are better at that than I am.)

Here is the selection in question:

“When you are walking a line between two worlds, often feeling torn, it’s quite possible that the gift you have to offer is a bridge between those two worlds, and that splitting yourself is not necessary at all. Embrace the gift, and the role you can play, and something beautiful will surely develop.”

When I put this up on my wall I had one clear understanding in mind and since then it has come to mean SO much more. My purpose in unearthing the source of it is to literally read more of the context surrounding this quote.

(Though I’ve ‘lurked’ nearly forever this is my first Ask. And I kind of love that it’s about this. Also, I love this place. :) )
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When I searched for the first half of the quotation in Google Books, the first hit was Kazuo Ishiguro's novel A Pale View of Hills. Unfortunately, that's only available in preview versions, and if that sentence is from the book, it's not in the preview version.
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It is not that Ishiguro book. The only use of "torn" in that book is in relation to pages torn from a calendar; "gift", describing a black gift-box.
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Something about the phrasing makes it sound like it may have been translated from another language, which could make searching by the exact phrasing hard if there have been multiple translations.
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Is it possible you read this in a book about reiki? There seems to be a few references to 'bridges between worlds' in books on that subject.
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It vaguely reminds me of Richard Bach - the Jonathon Livingston Seagull author - both in phrasing and in substance. He also wrote a book called the Bridge Across Forever.
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I don't find matches for any of the unusual word groupings, e.g "splitting yourself is not necessary". I think it's original.
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Googling a few small phrases, it looks like something cobbled together from the 1997 self-help book "The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment" by Eckhart Tolle. Is that a book you might have read? Or might you have read something that was influenced by or discussing that book?
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I searched for various words within an ebook edition of The Power of Now and didn't find anything that seems to match.
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