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As a kid of the 90s, I used to love browsing FTP archives for old DOS/shareware games and programs. There's a sense of discovery I get in being able to poke through curated, or at least categorized, items in search of new shiny things.

Can any people of Metafilter point me to similar sorts of places? Software and gaming stuff certainly isn't all I'm after, anything which can give me a hierarchy of categories to drill through in hopes of finding things of interest would be wonderful. The Internet archive, as vast as it is, doesn't seem to have quite the thing, I haven't found a great way to browse it, and the user interface is kind of an accessibility nightmare anyway.
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For games, maybe have a look at mobygames' game browser?
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oh in that vein, also /A/N/N/A/R/C/H/I/V/E

and if you're into demoscene stuff, there's
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"All avant-garde. All the time."
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For more random FTP searching, Napalm FTP indexer still exists, but there's a good deal of Downloader Beware.
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Their emulators are rapidly improving to allow people to play the games in browser.
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You'd probably enjoy /r/opendirectories.
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If you are looking for software, look at It's a treasure trove of pre-XP Windows, DOS, CP/M and other abandonware. There’s a decently generous daily download limits and active forums.
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How about HathiTrust—many of the same texts as the Internet Archive but with a different organization system.
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FTP, you say?
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I love looking at archives of stuff too. I feel like when I do, the cogs on the gears in my brain all fall into place. Here are some that I look at when I need that feeling:

- Estate Sales
- The Cooper Hewitt Museum has some great online archives. I love the wallpaper one.
- the Goodwill auctions site has some great stuff as well. One day I'm going to buy 100 lbs of Legos, yes I am.
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