NYC/Brooklyn Park Lease on Public Land- We are looking for the Lease.
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NYC Park Lease on Public Land- We are looking for the Lease.

There is a bar/restaurant down the street, and we have constant problems with noise and traffic. How is a lease granted? For how long? What process for renewal?
how do we find it at all?
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Does it appear in this list? It appears to contain contract end dates.
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It looks like the city government site has a page about how to track down property deeds.

But before you do that - have you called 311 with a complaint?
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DPR considers vendors on their property concessions

Approximately 500 concessions currently operate in parks throughout the five boroughs, and they generally fall into two categories: food service and recreation. The food service concessions range from pushcarts selling hot dogs to restaurants such as Tavern on the Green and Terrace on the Park. Recreational concessions include facilities such as ice rinks, stables, marinas, and golf courses. In all, we collect more than $110 million in revenue from various sources including concessions, lease agreements, like those for Citi Field and Yankee Stadia, special events, and dockage.

If you would like to contact our Revenue Division, you may call (212) 360–1397.
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You may well have to FOIL the lease.
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Call you Community Board. Noisy bars and restaurants are (more or less) the main thing they do.
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