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How do I get a decal designed and printed for my wife's new kayak?

Wife bought a kayak, decided to name it "Infinite Chill". I want to have someone design a logo/graphic (say, with the name and an infinity symbol, or something like that) that I can then get printed somewhere on a material that will stick well to plastic and stay on in a wet environment. I'm 100% clueless on how to get this done. Suggestions?
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I've had custom vinyl decals from this store before. Very easy to work with and can design whatever you want if you're not supplying your own decal. Just create an Etsy account and send a message for Monday!
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You can also google "vinyl sign makers" in your area.
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I love working with DIYLettering. I have placed about a dozen orders from them, and they could not be easier to work with. Their products are good and their production is quick. Also, their online design tool is fun to use.
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Nthing go to a local shop and ask. They probably do plenty of names for boats. I have regular stuff on my fiberglass sailboat, but that doesn't mean it will stick to a plastic kayak. However, regular Staples stick-on letters have stood up for five years or more.
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Just use these guys. Cheap and good. Personally used them with great results. Online designer gives yo7 toms of choices of material and style (for a kayak i recommend the reflective vinyl). It also gives you overall dimensions so you can check before ordering.
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