Beyoncé at Coachella?
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I was able to see the performance the day after it aired on a streaming website. Naturally, when I wanted to watch it again today I found that it's been scrubbed from youtube, streaming sites, etc. I don't want to try downloading it illegally, but I've been wondering whether it might be released officially at some point. Thoughts?

I don't know anything about Coachella's policy on releasing live performances, or whether it's likely that Beyoncé will (and can) do so herself. The show was so incredible, it seems terrible for it never to be available again...
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Variety Magazine suspects that if it's made legally available it will probably only be on Tidal, which is a streaming service owned by Jay-Z. Unfortunately, when or if that will happen is "who knows?"

I can't speak to Coachella's policies or contracts from first hand knowledge, but generally in these situations the broadcaster/streamer has a limited time and/or limited number of re-casts and then control of the material reverts to the artist. Some orgs keep an archive readily available to the public (which would be spelled out in the contract ahead of time and usually doesn't prevent the artist from doing their own release), but Coachella doesn't seem to do that - AFAICT their Livestream is intended to be a one-time-only special event. IOW, the decision to re-release the show is probably mostly if not entirely Beyoncé's decision.
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