Movie in which kids perform Death of a Salesman?
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We're stumped.

Just a scene in the movie, not a whole production.
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Miss Stevens? One of the kids is Timothee Chalamet.
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Take for the suggestion, but the group says no, it's not just a monolog. Someone new to the conversation says the kids are in oversized suits and old-age makeup.
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I haven't seen either of these, so don't know if kids are involved, but the Wiki page for DoaS mentions that the play appears in Synecdoche, New York (2008), and The Salesman (2016).
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It sounds like something Wes Anderson would do... was this in Rushmore?
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I doubt this is it, but there was a Buffy dream ep where ostensibly, they're putting on the play, but it's not real and there are no oversized suits/age make-up. And it's not a movie. And calling 16-yo's kids is probably a stretch.
But memory is a funny thing, so I figured I might as well suggest it.
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I can't place it exactly, but it sounds like wierd late 1970s TV comedy, possibly early SNL?
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I've seen it -- was it in a Woody Allen movie?
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I think Synecdoche is the right answer. In the movie, the “kid version” of Salesman is what gives the director the ability to start the project.
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I thought I knew this one but realized I was thinking of the Scarface school play (not a real school play). Findable on YouTube.
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This has been a fun rabbit hole. I started with "New Warden" from Arrested Development, then I found an AV Club article about Albert Brooks doing this for SNL:

"Though the six Brooks short films scattered throughout SNL’s first season felt shoehorned into the show’s live-sketch concept, they’re all brilliantly funny, from a cutting parody of inane TV formulas and gimmicks (Arthur Miller’s Death Of A Salesman, performed entirely by children!) to a short about Brooks being too ill to turn in a short."

I could not find any video.
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from a cutting parody of inane TV formulas and gimmicks (Arthur Miller’s Death Of A Salesman, performed entirely by children!)

Season 1, Episode 4, NBC Super Season. Albert Brooks gives us a look at some mid-season replacement shows waiting to be broadcast on NBC.

The Death of a Salesman bit is a short riff towards the end. From this transcript:
Announcer: Specials, the likes of which you've never seen! Specials, like Tuesday Night Nightclub! Every random Tuesday, NBC takes you to a world-famous cabaret, to present the finest in underground entertainment!

[While the mime keeps bowing to applause, the scene is washed off to the left third of the screen. On the right two-thirds, a young boy and girl are seen talking to each other in a living room.]

Announcer: And: a new production of Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman! Totally acted by children!

[CUT to a closeup of the girl, who wears a gray wig and sweater.]

Girl: Do you have your glasses?

Boy: [in oversized white suit] Yeah, I got my glasses.

Girl: And your sack ring?

Boy: And my sack ring. Goodbye, I'm ready.

[The scene is washed into the middle third of the screen. On the far right is a detail from an oil painting of Revolutionary War soldiers.]

Announcer: Also, a series of Bicentennial programs: guaranteed to make you feel two hundred years old!
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Thanks! So after swearing it was a movie, one of our participants checked here and realized it was, in fact, the Albert Brooks SNL sketch. I had initially thought it sounded like a Wes Anderson thing, and that Synecdoche, New York suggestion sounded like a winner, but that turned out not to be it.

Bonus trivia - did you know that Albert Brooks and Super Dave Osborne are brothers?
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