Where to buy bulk (150+) custom printed cooler bags?
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My wife and I run a small farm with a CSA and we are looking to buy custom-printed insulated cooler bags to make for easier pickups and transport of weekly shares. Has anybody had success getting custom printed cooler bags online? Any particular vendors you can recommend? Ali Baba has a ton, but it's hard to tell what's reputable. These don't have to be super fancy nor keep things cold that long, but any insulation is better than none.
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I have not used them myself (yet) but many people recommend Custom Ink.
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I have used 4 Imprint for a variety of stuff for two trade associations and have been very happy with the results.
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Seconding 4 Imprint. They're reputable and reasonably quick for the price. They're good about sending samples, too, if you're curious about the quality.
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Yes, came in to say 4 Imprint! Wow!
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I can’t speak to quality of any vender, and you’ve probably already thought of this, but if your customers are human, some will forget or lose their cooler bag. Bring your price per unit down by ordering extra and selling them alongside your cold products.

Good not just for your CSA but also for any farm stand sales that might be lost due to ‘hot car.’
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Another satisfied 4 Imprint customer here. Nice!
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Yep, 4 Imprint. We use them almost exclusively at work and they're great.
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