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My subscription to Fitstar/Fitbit coach recently expired and before I renewed again, I figured to check out the rest of the field, if there's anything more worthwhile out there. I generally do their 25-40 minute program 4-5 times a week.

The things I liked was that it wasn't the same routine every day, it varied the exercise and focus, I felt brought along to hire levels of exercises without being forced. As well it was easily doable at home, I don't have dumbbells or a pullup bar. Seemed to be HIIT which I enjoyed as well, so something else similar would be nice.

Otherwise the main thing I didn't like was that I couldn't specify what equipment I didn't have, for instance I don't have a block to step up on and yet it would keep recommending those exercises to me.

My main review sites don't have any reviews I can turn too when looking for something new, so I'm hoping the hivemind can help me figure out if there's something better out there for me!

(also preferably one with a computer app, not just mobile!)
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Fitness Blender! It's a MeFi favorite for a reason.

They've got tons of free videos, along with some programs you can buy for a very reasonable price. You can sort and filter videos by length, equipment, and muscle group. Plus, the folks who run it are friendly and fun to workout with. Highly recommended!
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I like the Nike Training Club app. It’s free and it’s flexible. You can filter the workouts by time, muscle group, equipment (full gym down to no equipment), and workout type (endurance, mobility, strength, yoga). The app will also put together a multi-week workout plan based on your preferences. There’s a baseline test at the beginning and then the plan adjusts based on your feedback at the end of each workout. Right now, there are 92 no equipment workouts (they add new workouts every couple of weeks) so the routines vary day to day. The downside is that it’s only available as an app for iOS or Android.
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I bought of this question when a friend mentioned throat her husband uses the sworkit app. No experience with it, but she says he likes it and it appears to do the things you want.
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