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What is the easiest way to get voicemail for a Japanese cell number? I would like a solution that is free and can be accessed via any web platform, but I have both an android and an iPhone to work with.

Cell phone plans in Japan are VERY different beasts than in the US, some things are fine like most calling cost a little per minute but I always have more than enough data. Some things are not fine. Voicemail is apparently not included. I need voicemail because daycare, my doctors, hopefully job offers are coming in. I am sure that for the equivalent of five dollars a month or so I can just add it, but one, the contracts and customer service for the phone providers is a real obstacle for me. Two, my husband and I share the phone and we would both strongly prefer for the phone itself to ALWAYS forward to a voicemail box that I can manage.

These are things I have that might help with the calculus of how to accomplish the previously un thought about task of getting me voicemail:

*I have a US (domestic) number via Google Voice.

*I have a DSN landline, which is a weird service where I can freely call US toll free numbers and other local DSN numbers (military organizations/services and those who live on base). I THINK people in Japan can call me and its just a local call. People in the US can call and its charged like a regular call to Japan. Attached to this is an old school answering machine, but I can't tape a greeting so its not my favorite, but people can and do leave messages.

*I have a Japanese cellphone number/iPhone6

Does anyone have any convoluted workarounds? Apps that let you forward international calls?
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