Can my birds eat this?
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I bought a bunch of organic rainbow chard and noticed that the back sides are bumpy and rough. Is this a sign that it's bad or...?

I buy the fids organic chard through a delivery service and I noticed this morning that the back of some of the leaves have tons of little bumps. It's like the chard had goosebumps. I didn't notice the bumps on previous orders of chard - it just caught my attention today.

Is the chard still good or are the little bumps a sign that it's going bad? I tried searching online but the question is a little too esoteric apparently. TIA!
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Do you have a picture? It could be a different variety of chard, it could maybe be slightly different growing conditions, it could be aphids, it could be something else.

I would eat any of these including the aphids, YBirdsMMV.
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Possibly oedema? If so, as far as I'm aware they're not dangerous to people or birds (being caused by plant viruses rather than decay) but may impact flavour/texture as well as appearance.
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There are all sorts of bumps on leaves. They're sometimes a sign of disease or insect damage, sometimes not. Could be anything from leaf galls to mite damage to a natural feature of that variety of chard. Without detailed pictures it's hard to say.

On the whole I'd be fine with feeding it to pets or humans.
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Hi guys, sorry, the chard went wilty before I could get a picture! Thanks for the suggestions. I will try to find new chard.

I still learned something new though - I have never heard of oedema before but I have noticed it before. I recently chucked some scabby apples in the composter and didn't realize that they were edible.
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Sorry for the delayed follow up. I don't think it was oedema, but I learned something new :) The quality of chard has improved from the organic grocer and I haven't seen bumpy leaves in a long time.
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