Issues with Namecheap Forwarding
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I have a domain I bought through Namecheap. I set it up, using Namecheap, to redirect to my portfolio. 99% of the time it redirects - but once in a while, clicking a link to my domain for the first time in a while, I'll see Namecheap's "this domain has not been set up" message.

I'm applying to jobs right now, and I'd way rather link to my dotcom URL than directly to my portfolio, BUT I cannot risk someone getting an error message when they click on the link.

I'd added my Namecheap domain URL to the website section of my Metafilter profile, if you'd like to take a look for yourself.

How can I fix this?
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Is it only happening with your machine, or are other people encountering it too? I might try flushing your cache. For the sake of anecdata, I went straight to your website.
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Hey y'all, I ended up chatting their live support and what I needed to do was remove the default CNAME record since it was conflicting with other host records.

"You can remove this default record by following the steps below:

- having logged into Namecheap account, go to your Domain List -> click 'Manage' next to the domain -> 'Advanced DNS' tab -> 'Host Records' section.

- then locate the default CNAME record and click the trash icon next to the record to remove it

It's the CNAME record with Host: www and Value:

The changes may need 30+ minutes to take effect. Once they have taken effect, your domain should work properly."
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Just a caution to anyone dealing with a similar issue: 30 minutes is the time for their servers to start providing the correct information. However, the DNS provider cannot do anything about a web browser or intermediate DNS server that has received the bad data and cached it. Good DNS providers will put a shorter Time To Live (TTL) value on the order of minutes, which is supposed to be honored as the "expiration date" for a domain. But it can take up to 48 hours for multiple levels of DNS caches to clear and everyone to have access again. You can check the TTL of your domain.
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