Backing Up Photo's from Iphone to Google Drive
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With my Iphone 6, my photo's and video's were automatically uploaded & backed up to my Google Drive each day when I was in an area with Wifi. I now have the Iphone X (10), and for the life of me cannot figure out how I turned this setting on. I have went through my Iphone 6 settings and cannot figure out how I did it, or where the settings to make this happen even are anymore. Everything matches with both of my phones..... Nothing has uploaded to my google drive folder since I switched phones....Any advice?
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You need the Google Photos app installed, and under the settings in that app there's the Backup and Sync that you need to set up. It might also ask you to do that the first time you open the app, don't know, I'm an Android guy usually, but I can get out my iPad at home if no one else comes in to corroborate this.
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I think this is gonna work, although I didn't have this APP on my old phone....Still curious to how I did it? But thanks!
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