Looking for cheaper and expensive similar products
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I am looking for a home that would be made entirely of decorative elements, furniture and accessories that represent alternatives that are virtually similar to other, but less expensive, products.

The element should be related to its more expensive alternative, for example:

The counter :

The counter is made of high pressure laminate instead of granite. The cost per square foot is $ 36 to $ 45 instead of $ 40 to $ 120 for granite.

I know that there are websites that connect similar furniture and similar sets, but at different prices. Do you know? And do you have sites where you can find an entire house with all the details?
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Are you looking for an actual existing house that is built in this fashion, or are you looking for a website where you can view a layout of a house with these sorts of details?
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If you're looking to construct this house, here is a source for resource efficient house plans, based on efficient and cheaper sizes and styles that look the same as a normal house, but save big on resources. All of his plans take stock sizes of various materials into account to eliminate waste.
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Best answer: Not sure this is exactly what you want but copycat chic does a lot of posts showing an expensive piece of furniture or decor next to one that is similar but costs less.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the comments! I am looking for websites that presents those kind of house or projects :)
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