Abdominal pain without any other symptoms.
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YANMD. Pain the lower left abdomen when pressed. No other symptoms. Any thoughts?

From the past 2-3 weeks, I have been experiencing pain in 1 or 2 points in the lower left abdomen (just above the pelvic region) when pressed. This pain is mild and to emphasize, is felt only when pressed.

My father passed away with Colon cancer at 67, so the doctor is recommending a colonoscopy screening, while also prescribing a PPI. I have an appointment with a specialist next week, but feeling a bit anxious.

I know YANMD, but do you know of any other things that could cause this? Doctor said infection may not be the cause, as I don't have vomiting, stools are fine and regular, no weight loss, no fever, no diarrhoea.
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As an isolated symptom, this really doesn't sound concerning for colon cancer. I understand that anxiety, and I think colonoscopy is appropriate, but I think your doctor is just practicing extreme caution.

Do you have ovaries?
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FWIW the left side is where the sigmoid colon is. One thing that can go wrong there is Diverticulitis, basically a infection in the large intestine. The result can be anywhere from "take some antibiotics and you're fine" to "explodes infecting the entire body cavity and killing you". It's worth taking seriously; I'm glad you're already talking to a doctor. They already gave you the list of other symptoms to watch out for. A fever along with the pain could mean you need to get to an ER right away.
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@i_am_a_fiesta: No, I am a man, age 40. I should included this, sorry.

I thought of diverticulitis, when asking for infection, but the doctor thought it is unlikely, since there are no other symptoms.

I posted my original question in a hurry, so here is some more info - when I don't eat for some time, I get diffused pain in my left stomach/lower abdomen, which goes away 1-2 hours later usually. This pain sometimes radiates to the back.

Ultrasound showed all major organs (pancreas, liver, kidneys, spleen) to be normal though.
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So I get this pain in a similar region. I'm 34, Trans*Male (still have ovaries), and happen to have a history of Lactose Intolerance in my family.

I went to a couple doctors & specialists, had a colonoscopy, etc. Everything was clear. The pain was due to IBD related inflammation in the colon from an increased Lactose Intolerance, and additional aggravation from too much carbonation. Pretty much I've bruised the crap out of my colon and surrounding areas, so it's regularly inflamed and prone to pain if pressed.

Not to be gross, but have you had different bowl movements int he past few weeks? Change in diet or other irritants? Can you track what you are eating and see if anything sticks out?
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Maybe an ulcer of some kind? Or diverticulosis - which can cause pain on digestion even in the absence of infection. But the colonoscopy is a good start - there's just a lot that go wrong with your digestive tract that causes pain and is not cancer -- and that is treatable/manageable once you know what the problem is. Even bad constipation could cause this symptom - a partial impaction/obstruction. (If it's something like that, just the prep for colonoscopy could fix you right up.)
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