Recommendations for a non-judgmental family law attorney in Austin, TX
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Looking for a good attorney to facilitate my divorce. I have recently moved to Austin, Texas. My future ex lives in another state. We have no children and no shared assets—just shared debt. Here's the twist: I work in the adult industry (legally).

I don't want to set up a dozen intake meetings with lawyers only to discover that they do not approve of my career & thus may not represent me as well (and/or choose not to represent me at all).

(I have already seen this somewhat similar question from 2013. It's old.)

P.S. The end of our marriage has nothing to do with my career and I will be filing for a no-fault divorce. I do not expect the proceedings to be contentious.
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Do you really need an attorney? I moved to Austin and divorced my ex with Legalzoom; the hardest part of the whole process was finding parking near the courthouse. Like you my ex lived in another state and the divorce was non-contentious.

Texas does have a waiting period so it takes a few months, and you have to get your ex to sign away their right to contest. We didn't have a ton of shared assets and were able to come to an agreement about the money stuff. If your finances are harder to separate I can see how a lawyer might help.

Austin is a good town to get over a relationship in, in my experience. Good luck.
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I'm thinking the LGBT community's resources might be a good place to start just so you're pre-screening for fundies and bigots? If you google LGBT attorney resources Austin there are a lot of starting points.
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I have a couple friends in Austin who are well-regarded family law attorneys and who I could not imagine being judgmental. Please feel free to Memail me, and I'll send you their contact info.

Also, as the admiral mentioned above, it is possible you won't need an attorney if you feel comfortable working through the paperwork and you don't have any areas of disagreement.

Here is a good resource to look at for forms, procedure, and general Q's:

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I have a recommendation for one as well, if you’d like to memail me.
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