9 year old birthday party activities
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My son is turning 9 and has requested a unicorn-cat-dog-turtle- themed party. Any ideas of fun activities we can do related to those critters? There will be 7 kids, ages 6-9. There will be cake and animal masks...and I'm out of ideas for anything else to do.

The party will be at our house and hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can be outside as well. I know I don't need to plan a ton of stuff for the kids to do but I'd like to have at least a few activities that tie into his chosen theme.

I'm pretty crafty, but don't have a ton of time. Snack ideas that fit the theme welcome too!
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Mobile petting zoo in your backyard!
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pin the horn on the unicorn
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I'm picturing a unicorn cake with an upside down ice cream cone as horn.
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For our kitty birthday party we put cereal that looks like cat chow in little bowls on the floor for the "kitties" to eat.

We made collars out of ribbons and they colored their own name tags to hang on them - works for dogs or cats.

We had headbands with cat ears and drew on whiskers with face paint. You could do dog ears too.
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Hm, could you have them play a team-based game where the teams are the animals? The game could potentially be anything (tag, water balloon race) but as cats vs dogs, or turtles vs unicorns?

Also this animal theme is just begging for a face painting station.
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The doggies could play fetch and the kitties could chase laser pointers.

Turtles... hmm. Make turtle shells they can wear out of cardboard boxes? Have a race where the slowest one wins?
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unicorn pinata with those small plastic animals in them, along with candy.
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Unicorn scavenger hunt
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Cut out masks - manila folders are good card stock - and they can decorate with markers, paint, feathers, whatever you can scrounge up at the craft store. Get elastic to hold the masks on.
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Decorate the different rooms/corners of the rooms as a Zoo with each animal represented at their 'exhibiit' by a themed activity? Craft....cookie decorating...mask making....etc.
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Have a turtle race: must travel on all fours, slowest traveler wins. And of course chaperones win but don’t tell the kids that.
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If you have a yard or big room, you can do a running game with those animals - all kids start in the center of the yard / room. Each of four sides of the yard/room is designated one of those animals. When you call DOG! they all have to run to the Dog wall. When you call UNICORN! they have to run to the Unicorn wall, etc. When you yell an animal that isn't on the list, they need to stay put. When you yell "back to the zoo!" everyone needs to run back to the middle. You can do this till they run out of steam, or you can play that anyone who messes up is out until there's a winner. For added difficulty, you could make them do movements or sounds like the animal you called as they run.
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Depends on your son and his friends. At 9 mine were more into pretend/creative/dramatic/performance type games than running around games. If that pertains, I'd keep the turtle races and unicorn races, and then do something totally different, like get a bunch of moving boxes, crayons, glue, and various crafty stuff, also let the kids use pebbles and grass and twigs, and have them in pairs design a perfect habitat for one of these animals. Then they get to explain, in 9 year old intense detail, what everything is for in there.
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Pusheenicorn must make an appearance. Maybe "pin the tail on pusheenicorn"?

(more on pusheen)
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Thanks all! I marked best answer to the activities we actually did, but all these ideas were great!
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